I Kidnapped Them

This is a story about 17 year old Molly and her to best friends Alex and Stephany. They have done what everyone wishes to do. They kidnapped one member of One Direction. Now they are thinking of kidnapping the second one. They love them all. Do you think they will get away, or can they take all of them without actually getting caught.


4. Fierce Night


Steph POV

We are going to fierce night. It is a night club. Hopefully if we have enough luck then we will find Zayn there. We take him for a one night stand and then we will have him kidnapped. You cant really blame them, they are guys after all. I checked my hair once more in the mirror. I stared at my nice complexion. My black straight hair was looking pretty and my green eyes had smoky eyeliner around them, with lovely mascara volumizing my eyelashes. My lips, stood there shinning with a natural color pink. My cheeks had there natural pinkish color. I stared at my clothes, I was wearing a short, (not to short dress) with cheetah printed wedges. The dress hugged my curves. I looked okay, but there would be not doubt that Jaylin will look glorious. I grabbed my car keys and walked out of my apartment ready to have fun.


Steph POV

I picked Jaylin exactly at 9:00pm. She was standing outside her apartment door. Wearing a dress that hugged her curves, the dress was white with silver decoration. She looked great her light brown hair was blowing around crazily and her blue eyes were very vicious tonight. Her shoes were silver high heels. She looked awesome.

“Ready to rumble?” I asked her as she got in the car.

“Yup, who am I taking” she asked me.

“Which ever one you like or find” I smiled

“Alright” she said giving a full on grin.


Steph POV

We walked into the club without a problem without a problem. We looked around and spotted our targets. Zayn and Harry were in the club. Zayn was sitting at the bar talking to a blonde haired girl and Harry’s brown curly hair was swaying as he danced with a tall girl in skinny jeans and a tube top. I leaned next to Jaylin saying “Game on”. I handed her a something and made my way toward Zayn.

Alex POV

“I bet you, Liam is awake by now” I said to Molly who stared absently at the T.V.

“We should go check on him” She said turning off the T.V.


We walked down the stairs and reached the little ‘Interrogation Room’ I looked at Liam through the glass window and saw that he was wide awake but still a little drowsy.

“Molly bring me a bottle please” I said to molly and while she disappeared I looked at Liam and smiled remembering Steph was probably looking for Zayn and maybe we might get lucky and she’ll bring another member. Molly came back with the water and gave it to me. Taking a deep breath I opened the room.

Liam POV

There she was standing in front of the door. If only these stupid ropes would loosen I would be able to escape. The girl walked to me slowly, looking at me. I know in a time of crisis, you probably wouldn’t think of your captor like this but she was pretty. Her brown eyes almost looked friendly. She had a bottle of water, carefully she opened it. “Do you want some?”

I looked at her weighting my options carefully. What if it was drugged? Was there anyone else outside of the door?

“You drink first”

“Okay, Liam” She said she took a sip of water and looked back at me.

I nodded; I was very thirsty and my throat felt dry.

Right after she gave me a drink. She settled the bottle a foot away. Smiling she got up and walked out of the door. I still couldn’t remember where I was. What had she called me? Liam? Liam… Liam, yea that sounded familiar. Liam what? What was my last name? Liam pan, no, pine, no Payne. Yea there you go Liam Payne, now if only I could remember what I was doing before I got here. I tried hard. Putting my head between my knees and looked at the gray floor. My headache had come back. My body didn’t ache as much, but I was still thirsty. I looked at the water that was a foot away. There was no way I could get that. I started trying to loosen the rope, but I was tied to strongly. I was getting sleepy. If only I could remember where I was before. All I do remember was the screaming. Who was screaming, and at what?

Alex POV

Wow that was fun. I looked at molly as I closed and locked the door.

“Ahh, it takes so much energy, to not go and kiss him right?” Molly asked smiling.

“You have no Idea”

It probably takes more energy not to take of his clothes. Wouldn’t you agree?


Zayn POV

I didn’t see her at first, but then I saw the gorgeous girl making her way toward me. She sat 2 seats away taunting me with her cute green eyes. I looked at the girl whom I was ready to take home Ashley and then back at the goddess drinking from her glass. I turned to Ashley and she saw me grazing at the girl. Slowly without saying a word, she got up and sat on the opposite side of me and started a friendly conversation. I just sat there catching glimpse of the convo. I made my way to the empty seat between them. Once, I sat down. Ashley introduced the pretty black haired girl. Her name is Stephany.

“Stephany and you are?” she asked handing me her hand.


“Oh nice name, Unique”

We made eye contact but, Ashley broke our moment by whispering in my ear” I want you” I looked down and saw her rubbing my arm. This girl really wanted me. Tonight is my lucky night. Stephany whispered in my ear “want to have fun tonight?”


I did. But who would I choose? Ashley’s hand made its way down. She had another way of persuading me. Her hand was now, pleasuring me. I grabbed her hand and pulled it out of my pants. “No no” I said and she smiled naughtily.

Steph POV

Wow, what was Ashley doing now?, his eyes were turning a different color rapidly a darker brown. It was evident now. His eyes were filled with lust. Nice, how am i supposed to compete with that? A tiny moan escaped his lips. He pulled her hand out and said “no no” I laughed a bit hehe after all I might still have a chance. Then he relaxed himself. If a regular approach didn’t work I’d have to use another tactic. I kissed him on his cheek and said “I need to go”, putting pressure on his decision. Looking at him and at Ashley I started getting up.

Jaylin POV

I look for Stephany and saw her sitting down next to Zayn and a blonde girl rubbing his hand. The blondie’s hands were making there way toward his pants and I saw him shift his weight. Stephany’ hands were on her drink, even though you could see her looking under the table. She leaned in and whispered something, soon they were gone. I really hope Harry had a car.

Zayn POV

“I need to go” she said. What? It was starting to get fun. I looked at Ashley and she said “Yea, me too” I got up and wrapped my arms around Ashley and Stephany’s shoulders. Stephany gladly put her arms around my waist while Ashley grabbed my bum. We made our way toward the exit.

Steph POV

We made our way outside; it was a dark night with a couple of stars and a crescent moon. Ironically, Ashley’s car was parked on the left side of the parking lot, while my car was parked on the right side. I started walking slowly toward my car. Zayn stood there, while Ashley playfully started pulling his hand tugging him to follow her.

Zayn POV

I looked at Stephany and walked toward Ashley’s car.

Steph POV

I was angry. What the hell? He picked Ashley? This is bullshit. Ugh,  I couldn’t let my friends now I’d failed them. I started my engine and I heard a knock on the shotgun window. I looked and there stood, Zayn Malik. Rolling down the window I smiled and asked “what made you change your mind?”

“a guy can change his mind once in a while right?”

“I Suppose” I said unlocking the doors.

He easily slid in the car. I lightly kissed his cheek, but he grab me and kissed me roughly. His tongue found its way into my mouth. Our tongues danced together. After some time I broke the kiss gasping for air. He was a great kisser.

“C’mon lets go”

“Okay” I said still catching my breath from the great kiss. On the way to Molly’s house I texted Jaylin during a brief stop on a red light.

Me- Mission Complete, How about you?

Jaylin- Um, gud I think, hw am I supposed 2 gt 2 Molly’s house?

Me- Idk

Jaylin- Gee, Thx

Me- :)

I put my phone away. Zayn’s hand crept to my thigh. I looked at him, and he looked back at me casually. Great.

I coughed making it quite obvious that I didn’t enjoy that. He grinned and lit a cigarette.


Author: Hope You like It.

Jada Faeriiee <3

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