Black Cord

A short little story about a young girl diagnosed with end stage melanoma, her fight to hold on to her hope, and to find her courage to let go and accept her fate.


2. two. stupidity left me here.

I found out too late. It wasn't my fault.


I mean, it can't be my fault. Can it? I've tried some stupid things, hoping that I'll wake up and it will have all been just a really crappy dream. I've tried standing in front of the microwave in the cafeteria, hoping its one that still produces radiation. But it doesn't, and even if it did, it wouldn't do anything. It's metastasized. It's everywhere.

It started out as such a little thing. I thought it was a stupid "beauty mark". I payed no attention to it. Then it started to hurt, but I figured it was just muscle soreness from soccer practice. Then I started noticing more little things.

Sores didn't heal.

Red Bumps. 

I noticed my skin started to bruise really easily, and I developed some sensitive spots. I didn't bother to tell anyone. I thought it would go away on its own. But it didnt and now I'm here.

It is my fault.

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