He's Makin' All The Same Mistakes...

Eleanor Calder is not one of those popular bitches. She's not ordinary or normal either.
She's one of those loners who don't have any friends because some people make hurtful lies up about them. For the most stupid things. For that, El doesn't hate the ones who sneer, laugh and watch. She hates the bully. Louis Tomlinson...


2. What Makes You Beautiful


I've put the bullying and the rest behind me now. I'm starting fresh. 

Now five years have passed and I live in Holmes Chapel. Me and my family moved from the Doncaster after I nearly killed myself. As much as I hate him I didn't grass him up. We didn't  live that far away because we still wanted to be able to visit family and it's going great here. I've got a best friend who's five years younger than me and a naturally talented singer. That's the reason why he's auditioning for X Factor this year and I'm going to be there to support him. 

"El, hurry up! We have to get there early!" He shouted from downstairs. 

"Coming!" I shouted as I skipped happily down the stairs. 

"At last," he muttered under his breath and I slapped him on the head. 

He chuckled and with that we were off on our journey to the auditions. 

I had spent hours doing my hair for this even though I did nothing to it. I just kept looking at it to see if it looked alright. I knew it was stupid but after my painful childhood, I was always worried about what people thought about me. As the car pulled up I couldn't help but think back to his reason. It was unconvincing but those piercing blue eyes didn't lie. Thats what made me slap him, walk away and never look back. I quickly wiped my tears as we got out of the car. 

No way was I going to spoil Harrys big day. After waiting outside in the queue, we were finally let in and Harry went out get himself a glass of water. He was surprisingly very calm and relaxed whereas if that was me I would be freaking out. 

Harry came back minutes after with a smile on his face. 

"What made curly so happy?" I asked sarcastically. 

He returned that with a sarcastic smile. 

Then he said, "I met this funny guy with this freaky obsession, oh and he's your age, you guys would suit." 

I snorted with laughter at this.

"Yeah sure."

Before he got to argue he was lead somewhere else and we were asked to follow. I realized that Harry was going to his audition so I wished him luck.

He was up on stage saying his name confidently before his enchanting voice filled the room as he sang 'Isn't she Lovely' by Stevie Wonder. He was amazing and I could tell the judges thought so because along with the audience they stood up and clapped. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Anne, his mum with tears welling up in her eyes. 

When he came off stage I decided to give them privacy. I walked around as I tried to find something to do for the time being and thats when I spotted him. His family walked past me and he came up to me and whispered in my ear, 

"That's what makes you beautiful." 

And I ran...

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