He's Makin' All The Same Mistakes...

Eleanor Calder is not one of those popular bitches. She's not ordinary or normal either.
She's one of those loners who don't have any friends because some people make hurtful lies up about them. For the most stupid things. For that, El doesn't hate the ones who sneer, laugh and watch. She hates the bully. Louis Tomlinson...


1. Same Mistakes

They say 'forgive & forget.'

Especially about this situation. But not this time. 

"I love you..." 

Those words were not what I expected. But it didn't make a difference. 

Still the same thing. 

Still the same mistakes... 

'Wake up, we both need to wake up. 

Maybe if we face up, to this 

we can make it through this...'


'Closer, maybe we'll be closer. 

Stronger than we were before, yeah, 

Make this something more, yeah...' 

'While you're makin' all the same mistakes...'

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