He's Makin' All The Same Mistakes...

Eleanor Calder is not one of those popular bitches. She's not ordinary or normal either.
She's one of those loners who don't have any friends because some people make hurtful lies up about them. For the most stupid things. For that, El doesn't hate the ones who sneer, laugh and watch. She hates the bully. Louis Tomlinson...


3. One Thing


I ran as fast as my legs could take me. 

I just wanted to get away. Away from him. 

I stopped when I heard distant running and a familiar voice. 

Harry stood behind me, panting whereas I was feeling to many emotions. 

So many questions were running through me. 

What was he doing here? 

Was he auditioning? 

He couldn't be, could he? 

I mean, when we were in music class, he didn't participate let alone sing so, what the hell? I sighed. 

"Sorry Harry," I mumbled as I turned around. Great, was that the best apology I could give? 

When he had catched his breath, he replied, "It's alright. What ever made you run this far must've really hit you. You can tell me what it was whenever and if you want, okay?" 

I mumbled to myself, "It so isn't alright." 

Thats why Harry was such a good friend. He understood, though, sooner or later, he will get impatient. Thats what you get with the Styles package. 


I can't believe after all these years I'm seeing her again. Feels like snow in September. I should've probably started off with a better line like hello instead of freaking her out because she ran away. 

I saw curly running after her the second he stopped talking to his mother. He may have thought that me and him were mates but trust me if he's Eleanor's boyfriend then we're not going to be the best of friends. Not even friends, I bet. 

See, people say, 'As you get older, you turn more mature.' Well, thats not the way it works for me. Oh no, when I get older, I act more younger. My mum, Jay, says she's got a nutcase for a son but she reassures me, saying she loves me really. 

I may be mad but I understand that what I did to that innocent, gorgeous girl was hurtful and unbelievable. I can't forgive myself for what I did and I'm sure she can't but, hopefully, I can turn her heart around when I see her. IF I see her. I want to see Eleanor again. For now though, there's only one thing that I should be thinking of. 

It's time to face the audience and judges... 


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