He's Makin' All The Same Mistakes...

Eleanor Calder is not one of those popular bitches. She's not ordinary or normal either.
She's one of those loners who don't have any friends because some people make hurtful lies up about them. For the most stupid things. For that, El doesn't hate the ones who sneer, laugh and watch. She hates the bully. Louis Tomlinson...


5. Moments



I was going round to Harry's house today to wish him luck. I couldn't stay for long because I had work at the bakery and they wouldn't let me skip it, like Harry, because I wasn't going to be a star, was I?  

I was generally happy for him but I couldn't help feeling depressed. He was my best friend and one of them way his dream would turn to dust. He couldn't go back.

Just move forward. 

I knocked on his door and fixed myself up. I didn't want to look like I was down in the dumps. 

"It's open!" His husky voice rang. 

I let myself in and walked up the stairs to his bedroom. I had been here so many times that it felt like I practically lived here. You can tell how familiar this house is to me. 

I found Harry sitting down on his bedroom floor, looking around at his room with a blank expression. 

"I've never been away from home, El." Whispering, he sounded scared.

I sighed and squatted down next to him. 

"You'll be having to much fun to notice." I said, ruffling his curls. "Anyway you'll always be able to Skype or call them when your feeling homesick." 

He smiled and laughed. "That's why your my best friend." 

I didn't get him. "What?" 

"You always know how to cheer me up and lighten the atmosphere." 

I grinned. "I have my moments." 

"You do, don't you?! How amazing!" He commented, throwing his arms up, dramatically. I could hear the sarcasm in his husky voice.

I decided to play along. "Yeah, I mean it'd be any day now that I get offered a job as the world's famous comedian. Who knows? It might be so good that I forget about my old life and everyone in it, even you." 

He suddenly turned anxious. "Don't ever forget me, okay El?" Keep me in your thoughts please and I swear I'll always be your best friend." His voice was starting to crack.

He carried on, whispering now. "No matter what." 

I nodded. Too emotional too speak because we never really talked about how close we are. He was like the brother I never had. "How could I forget you, Haz?! You'll probably be the one that forgets me."

He shook his head before replying. "Trust me, I could never forget you even if  I wanted to." Laughing, he pulled me into a hug. "Love you, Hazzy Bazzy!" I shouted in a babyish voice. 

He smirked. "Love you, Elly Belly!" One of our moments.

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