He's Makin' All The Same Mistakes...

Eleanor Calder is not one of those popular bitches. She's not ordinary or normal either.
She's one of those loners who don't have any friends because some people make hurtful lies up about them. For the most stupid things. For that, El doesn't hate the ones who sneer, laugh and watch. She hates the bully. Louis Tomlinson...


4. Another World


Going out there and singing front of that big crowd was epic. What was more amazing, was the judges comments. Not ever did I think that they would say such nice things. I loved every moment of it. 

The audience stood up and clapped, as well as the judges and...


As I came off the stage I couldn't help feel real ecstatic. When I sang up there my mind and heart was only concentrating on one person. Eleanor Calder. I sighed and put on a big smile for my parents.

Mum rushed over to me and gave me a long hug. "You did great, Boobear." She whispered. "Carrot cake's waiting for you now."

"Thanks mum!" It touched me that mum had prepared my favourite dessert.

My father spoke. "Now Johannah, you shouldn't encourage his weird addict. It's not healthy." I hated when he said mum's name like that.

I may have his surname but, thankfully, I hadn't inherited any of his features and interests. I felt unique.

As they argued, my mind drifted back to El, again. She was the only reason I didn't run off stage to go hide in the back because I was scared but now I've got through there may be a chance I get to see her again. 

Get to apologize.

Because she just takes me to another world. Away from reality.


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