Forgotten Souls

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A few years ago two girls went missing in a supposedly abandoned house and now three kids are braving the house and trying to unravel the secret of what really happened that night.
The story doesn't end there it is also the tragic story of how the house came to be.


3. Chapter Two


“Okay” Erica said while she ticked away on her computer,

“I’ve been researching… and the house the girls went missing is on your street Paul”, I jump from my seat and rush over to her.

“What? Where?”

“Number 120, that’s only five houses down from yours” she states.

“How didn’t I know about it? All my parents ever said to me was to never walk the street night and I only thought that they said it because she is over cautious” I’m truly confused. I’m trying to think back to any time I would have asked about this house but, I never did I thought it was just a regular house.

I fall on to her bed in a dazed mood. I am soon interrupted when Kevin yells “dog pile! Woof” both him and Erica leap onto me. I didn’t mind Erica’s body pressed up against mine but, Kevin’s heavy build, just hurt. For I second I catch Erica’s eyes and locked onto them and held that moment. She revert her eyes and it just got uncomfortable. She and Kevin got off my and I could finally breathe. I watch Erica get up and flatten her skirt and hair.

“We get start preparing for our stake out” she says moving to her closet.

“Our stake out?” Kevin asks,

“Yes, we are going to stay a whole night in the house” she smiles at us and I just stare at her. The funny thing about her is she thinks the most theatrical things and says them so mater-of-factly.

“Guess I’m going to have to txt my mom” Kevin says staring down at his phone. I do the same.

A few hours pass and we are standing five doors down from mine at 124 Ender court. From a distance you would just think it was a regular house but, getting closer I can see the aged, cracked wood, the over grow, unruly weed in the backyard, and the lack of light laminating from the house unlike the ones around it. As we walk up to the mansion I feel a bit hesitant. I'm worried we’ll get caught and in trouble.

Erica turns around when we approach the door and calls on Kevin. Kevin steps up and in two second the door is wide open. He has done this other times before but, I still can’t comprehend where he learned how to do this. Is there some sort of class you can take? Obviously not but if there was everyone would know how to rob people’s houses and jack cars, it would be hell.

We all step in cautiously, unaware of what lies ahead.

“So what’s the plan? What are we actually doing here” Kevin asks looking around the small hall way we’re standing in, the hallway is long and narrow with red and white striped wall paper stained with yellow age spots.  The corners of the paper are turned down and ripped. We are unable to see any other rooms all we see is the continuous hallway.

“We’re here to see what’s up with this house. So far, nothing but a horrible choice in wallpaper.” She looks in disgust at the tall walls.

 A rush of anticipation, courage, and pure stupidity goes through me and I walk down the hallway. I know Erica and Kevin must be puzzled in this strange act. I walk for almost two minutes before a massive room appears in front of me almost from nowhere. When I walk into the room the first thing I notice is a bright light in the corner. A fire is encased in a class case almost like a fire place. I stare at the odd object and move forward, walking slowly toward it. I am mesmerized by this unique object. Erica and Kevin come running up behind me.

“What was that? One minute you were just standing there the other you were gone.” Kevin yells while laughing.

“What’s that?” Erica asks staring down at the box just like I am. As soon as she utters those words the fire goes out and the room goes dark.

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