Forgotten Souls

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A few years ago two girls went missing in a supposedly abandoned house and now three kids are braving the house and trying to unravel the secret of what really happened that night.
The story doesn't end there it is also the tragic story of how the house came to be.


4. Chapter Three


We stand in the darkness that encases us in our spots. We don’t dare to move because if we do we might be lost in it. Something brushes up against my hand and I jolt but, am soon embraced by Erica’s hand, the mysterious object. Her warm soft hand is comforting in the dark of the room. My hand compared to hers is dry and sweaty, must not be to comforting for her.

“What are we going to do?” she asks in a whisper,

“I’ll try to find something, a door knob, a light source of any sort.” I let go of her hand and shuffle around the room with arms spread wide. I trip over something on the ground I suspect a rolled up corner of a carpet. I quickly get back to my feet and continue to search. The room seems much bigger than in the light it feels as if I have been waking forever and still haven’t encountered a wall. As I think this I ram into a wall. Luckily I my hands braced what could have been a nasty jam. My fingertips brush up against the old wall paper with a crinkle. I run my hands across the wall trying to find a switch, anything. I find a light switch and fumble to lift it. The lights come on dimly lit but light enough to see everything including Erica clinging tightly to Kevin’s. I guess I wasn’t the only one who she felt comfort in. a lump forms in my throat and I swallow it down hard.

“Good job but, now we must search” Erica says letting go of Kevin.

“Search for what?” I ask stupidly, already knowing the answer,

“Clues, of course” she walks over to a desk situated in the far corner of the room. She sits in the chair with a creak and starts to shuffle through the paper strewn across the table. Kevin and I join her but, only to stand awkwardly behind her.

“Seriously!” she barks at us. With that Kevin and I start to open drawers and rummage through what they contained.

Dust puffs up every time I move my hand deeper into the drawer.  I can see it’s the same with Kevin’s drawer because I hear a sneeze every two minutes due to his allergy to dust. There is tons of old ripped and bent paper filling the drawer. I hit the bottom my arm fully inserted into the dusty remains. I shuffle my hand around the bottom and stub my finger against something hard. My first reaction is to pull my hand out as quick as possible and swear but when I came to my senses I decided that that probably isn’t the best reaction but, it’s too bad I didn’t think of that before I followed up with though one.

“What’s wrong?” Erica asks as she spins around on her chair.

“Nothing sorry, I just stubbed my finger on something.” I explain

“Oh” she says and turns back around in her chair to continue search.

I reach my hand back far into the drawer dust consuming the air all around me making me wheeze. I try to find the object in which I stubbed my finger one. It was the only intriguing thing in this drawer of dirt. I finally come into contact again with the object. I grasp onto it and yank it out of its hiding spot. A small wood box appears before me, small square designs cover the entirety of it. I run the tips of my fingers along the edges it, turning and twisting it in a puzzled manor.

“Have you guys found anything yet?” Erica asks without turning her view away from her work.

“Absolutely nothing” Kevin says with a sigh slumping down onto his back.

I contemplate telling the about the box but, think it not right until I get to the bottom of what it actually is. I slide the box into my pocket. “Nope, nothing on my end” I answer. 

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