Forgotten Souls

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A few years ago two girls went missing in a supposedly abandoned house and now three kids are braving the house and trying to unravel the secret of what really happened that night.
The story doesn't end there it is also the tragic story of how the house came to be.


2. Chapter One


The loud beep, beep of my alarm clock wakes me up from my deep sleep but, I’m not too irritated by this because I know what today is. Today is the day my life changes. Today is the day I will make my move on my best friend. I know this could ruin my friendship or it could change it in a way that I can’t even imagine.

I leap out of my bed and stumble on my wobbly legs into the bath room. As I brush my teeth I gaze at myself in the mirror. My blonde shaggy hair is sticking up in random spots and positions. I try to flatten out what i can but, it will need extra effort later.

“I’ll have to fix that.”

Downstairs I am greeted by my mother’s warm morning hugs; she’s such a morning person, unlike my sister “Amelia”. Her slumped body is positioned over her cereal bowl, the ends of her hair dipping in and out of the milk as she moves her head the music coming from her headphones. She always blocks us out in the morning with her heavy rock music blaring in. I swear she is going to be death when she’s thirty.

“Good morning sweetie” my mother says, her voice like honey.

I smile with no real answer and grab my lunch from the counter.

“I better get going” I proclaim, she grabs me before I leave and kisses me on the forehead

The cold air brushes against the back of my neck, crisp and fresh. My breath hovers in front of me in a grey fog. I live about twenty minutes away from school, perfect time to think and just well…escape. Music always helps. My fingers stagger to find my ear buds and I place them in my ears and put on my favorite song, “Smells like teen spirit”.


As I approach my school I can see words written on the digital billboard my school uses to broadcast news, it read “TODAY WE MOURN OVER TWO GIRLS, JANIUS WELLINGS AND VERONICA BANKS BECAUSE IT WAS TODAY ONE YEAR AGO, THAT THEY WENT MISSING”

A frown finds my face as I walk into the toasty school. I see my friend… the friend Erica standing at her locker. As I walk up to her, her eyes meet mine. I fall into the deep blue that they hold and almost get lost but, I snap out of it when I can see her lips moving. I miss the beginning of her story but it has something to do with the missing girls.

“…you know it was this very night and they were our very age” can you believe it!

“Yah, that’s some spooky shit. How’d they go missing?” I ask

“No one knows that’s why it’s a mystery… ohhhh”, she twirls around me acting like a ghost then falls to the ground. She’s very dramatic. I help her out and then ask her what she is doing for the holidays,

“I think I’m just going investigate this mystery” she giggles

“How do you plan on doing this?”

She starts to walk away but, as she leaves she says five words “you, Kevin, my house, tonight” she waves and continues to head to her first class.

Kevin was our other best friend; we’ve all known each other since SK and have always been very close.


Erica texted the rest of the details before the last bell rang. I head to my locker and Kevin is already waiting there for me with my books in his hands. I made the mistake in giving him my comb, you know just in case. Well since I did he has been going in and disorganizing everything and writing little notes on my papers.

“Hey boy” he says, as he lifts his head to show his dark eyes hidden under his low baseball cap. He hands me my books and we make our way to the busy front of the school.

“What do you think Erica has in mind for tonight?” he mutters,

“Something elaborate” I reply. We both chuckle and then silence as Erica approaches.

“Let’s go boys, we’ve got some serious work to do” she grabs our wrist and yank us forward.


As we stand outside Erica’s house waiting for her to unlock the doors, I admire the hominy feeling I always get while visiting her house. The place has been like a second home to me, I’m here the same amount of time I’m at my own house. She must not have her keys because she is excessively banging on the door and yelling curse words. After a few minutes she turns around and leans up against the door. Kevin and I exchange and she starts to make her way to the fence blocking her form her backyard. I exchange an odd look at Kevin as we see Erica toss herself over the rim of the five foot fence.

“I guess we follow…” I point over toward the vicinity the fence where Erica just threw herself. We both laugh and proceed to follow Erica.

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