Forgotten Souls

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A few years ago two girls went missing in a supposedly abandoned house and now three kids are braving the house and trying to unravel the secret of what really happened that night.
The story doesn't end there it is also the tragic story of how the house came to be.


5. Chapter Four


The cold breeze flows on my face, brushing my hair into my eyes. Erica had opened the window to clear out the dusty air that filled the room.

“I got to go take a leak” Kevin said making his way to the door. Erica has the slightest laugh in her mouth. It’s odd. She usually rolls her eyes and scoffs at his immaturity.

A rattle of the door makes me turn. Kevin is struggling to open the door.

“What the hell!” he yells “It’s locked” he turns to face us in a questioning manor.

“It can’t be” Erica says puzzled walking toward Kevin. I slowly make it around the corner to meet what the hustle was about. Erica and Kevin are pulling the door and twisting the knob. Erica walks toward me eyes stuck on the floor, hands crossed around her chest. Puzzled gaze on in her eyes meets mine.

“What’s wrong” I asked

“The door… it’s locked but,” she pauses “There’s is no lock on the door”

We all turn and walk toward the door. I yank and pull trying to pry it from its tight grip. I pull with all my might and go flying, skidding on my back. I hit the wall with a thud and everything goes black.


My eyes burst open when my face in flooded with water.

“Hey there baby, you had a little fall” Kevin says jokingly. I start to sit up but my vision goes blurry and I slump back into the awkward position I was recently in.

“Where’s Erica?” I ask searching around the room.

“She went to look upstairs”

“You let her go up there by herself!? “ I jump up on my feet and run to the staircase. My head in a daze I run wobbly up the stairs. “Erica! Erica!” I yell no reply. Kevin’s fumbling feet come up behind me. I stumble as I met the landing. All long hallway stands before us with a door at the far end and another door to the left. I turn to Kevin “I’ll go to the one straight ahead, ok?” he nods. I walk down the dimly lit hallway, no pictures hang across the walls, no mementoes of what might have occupied this house before or even now. The door slowly opens as I approach it. The room I enter is pitch black, I enter unaware of what lies ahead. I make it to what seems to be the center of the room when I hear a slam. I run back to the door, it’s locked. The lights flicker on bright and florescent. The walls of the square room are covered with mirrors, long and thin the ones you see in ballet studios. I am in cased in myself mirrored in all locations. Turning I see no windows, no furniture, nothing but myself. I try the door again banging and pulling on it but, no budge. I reach into my pocket and feel the cool box, I pull it form its place and slide down the wall to get comfortable. I pry open the box and it reveals a small leather journal. On the front the initials P.J. is inscribed curiously I creak it open. It cracks the spine breaking.

The first page reads…

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