one direction imagines

One direction Imagines!!! Please write to me and tell me what your name is and what do you want it to be about!!! Tell Me the guy you LOVE!!!!! Like I love Niall so so sooo much!!!! Love Madison


2. Madeleine!!!!

Imagine you and your husband Harry Styles, took your daughter Emily to go Ice Skating, and it was Emily's first time!!! She is 4 years old. Emily was in the middle, Harry to her left and you to her right. You guys skated for a little while. Then Emily complained that she was getting cold. So, Harry and you buy her a hot chocolate. You and Harry sit her on a bench where you guys can watch her from inside on the ice. Then you and him go back on the ice. You guys are holding hands skating in a big circle. And then all of your old memories float back to you. (Memory) This is where you and Harry met for the first time! Harry was not watching where he was going, trying to show off to all his friends as usual lol!!!! When he knocks into you and thats makes him fall too. But when you fell you fell right on top of him!!!! He asked you for your name and you say Madeleine!!!! Then he says I'm Harry Styles in his hot British accent!! So you guys skate the rest of the time talking and it went on from there!!!! ( Reality) You where holding each others hand, you where smiling so long that Harry asked "what are you smiling at"? You then said do you rember the first time we met? He says yah and he thought back to then and then he starts smiling like crazy!!!! You guys kiss and keep skating. Finally, you both get tired and go out to see Emily playing with another little kid! You all leave and have had the best day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The End  

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