one direction imagines

One direction Imagines!!! Please write to me and tell me what your name is and what do you want it to be about!!! Tell Me the guy you LOVE!!!!! Like I love Niall so so sooo much!!!! Love Madison


4. Imagine Harry for Katie sorry it took me soo long Love!!!

Harry's POV/ I LOVE my girlfriend of 2 years Katie!!  She's so kind, smart, gourges, BEAUTIFUL, and words can't even describe how much we love each other!!!!  Everytime we kiss sparks fly just like the first time!  She has the most beautiful and striking Greenish brown eyes, but mostly green.  She has reddish brownish hair.  Anyways tonight I'm gonna ask her to marry me!               * 2 Hours later.*   Katie's POV  Harry is defently my man!  I LOVE him soooooo much words can't even discribe.  Everytime we kiss it feel's like the first time, Sparks fly, Butterflies in my tummy!  (You know the usual!)  " O" how I Love it!''  He's my man I can really tell!  He sings to me every night and tell's me stories to help me fall asleep!  Anyways he asked me out to dinner tonight.  1 Hour later.  Katie's POV  I'm wearing a very black curvylishous dress.  It's my first time waering it so he has never seen it on me before!! I put on a little bit of makeup and curled my hair into little ringlets!  Harry's POV  ''Katie you almost readi?" I yelled up the stairs I was looking up the stairs when she came down in a very Very Yummy dress!!!  It was black and strapless it came just below her butt!!!! It showed all her curvs witch I LOVED!! I Love how she dosen't wear that much makeup!  After awhile of just looking at her my member got hard!!!! Anyways I was so scared to propose. So we got to the restraunt and we ate and after awhile we got full and then we walked to the park. It was dark outside now and just the street lamps and the shops were providing light! So I noticed she got cold so I took my jacket off and wraped it around her. As she was swinging on a swing I got off my swing and went infront of her! Now she was only swinging back and forth slowley. So I go infront of her and knelt dow and said '' Katie I LOVE you so much everytime we kiss sparks fly just like the first time and I Love that!! It's been the best two years of my life so will you please Marry me and become Mrs. Styles?!!  Katie's POV  I heard Harry yell up the stairs are you ready yet? Right then I came down! He is SOO Hott!! He was wearing a tux and tie but he made it look soOOO sexy! After awhile I saw Harry getting a little hard haha!! So we went to eat and Harry paid and we took a walk to the park. It was dark outside! Harry noticed I started getting a little cold. And took his jacket off and gave it to me to wear! AWW HE'S SUCH A GENTLE MAN! I got on a swing and I started slowing it down! Harry got off the swing that was right next to me and knelt infront of me and I didn't know what was happining?!! Tears started to form im my eyes as he started to speak and he started crying a little too!  And he said the most amazing words I have ever heard!!! He said Will you please Marry me and become Mrs Styles?!!!!! I was so happy I burst into tearsand he did also when I got off the swing a gave him a little nod and ran into his arms! The ring was beautiful and it fit perfectly!  Harry and Katie's POV We LOVE each other so so SOOO MUCH!XX Harry Styles and Katie Styles! Are having a baby is what it said on the letter that we sent out to everyone, 4 months after we got married! We lived happy every after with are kids!

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