one direction imagines

One direction Imagines!!! Please write to me and tell me what your name is and what do you want it to be about!!! Tell Me the guy you LOVE!!!!! Like I love Niall so so sooo much!!!! Love Madison


3. For Logan!!!!!

Imagine you where at a One Direction concert and Harry has his eye on you!!! And keeps looking at you and singing to you!!! All of the sudden after the song One Thing harry calls a group huddle they all talk quitly to each other. Then they all turn around and say where going to do something a little bit different tonite. Then Harry bends down to you and grabs your hand! You instantley grab it! He asks you for your name you say '' Logan'' he says he loves that name!! Then there all singing to u and of course you know all the words and Harry puts the microphone on you and you start to sing!!! The boys jaw dropped! Harry says you have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard!!! You start to blush! After the concert yall hang out for a little while! Then yall exchange numbers and Harry asks you if you want to hang out at his house! Of Course you say YES!!!!!! And you head to his place and play games and watch a movie! And then Hazza says Logan I know we just met but will you please be my girlfriend?!!! You say yes!!! And you spend the night at his house!! And then you got married to him had a few kids and stayed together forever!!


                                         Sorry it took sooo long Logan!!  I hope you like it xx Maddie!!

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