Well this is my first book so if you have any bad comments please don't say anything and I hope you enjoy it !!


2. School

   Well school was boring today. It's a good job my best friend Ellie was there though she made my day like normal :) she is sooo funny. She has long blond hair, light blue eyes and cherry red lips. She is just the best!!
    I had maths first, I could have fallen to sleep in that lesson, good job Ellie was there to make it more fun ;).
    Then I had pe, that was he best lesson of the day. We was in the gym, I went on the treadmill, and the bikes.
    After that was the last lesson of the day, pshe. In pshe we are doing about drugs. So in today's lesson we did a poster on drugs. Ellie was in that lesson to which made time pass.
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