Well this is my first book so if you have any bad comments please don't say anything and I hope you enjoy it !!


3. Home time

Then it was time to go home. I decided to walk with Ellie for a change. We was talking about random things when her boyfriend Brandon passed us on his bike. He decided to slow down and walk with us.
  That's when I relised that Liam was with him. Ellie and Brandon started talking. So liam decided to 
move next to me and started talking to me. That's when I nearly fainted. I thought I was just dreaming at first but I wasn't this was real Liam was acutely talking to me for the first time. We started taking about how Ellie and Brandon where perfect together and how we both wanted a relationship like there's. 
  We soon got to the point of where I had to go a different way, so I said to Ellie that we should all go out that night. And she thought it was a good idea, so did Brandon and Liam. I said goodbye and left. 
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