Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


8. Changing the Past; Chapter 8; Reunion and Flash backs

Sarah's POV

"You need to wear something formal. The school obviously won't take short dresses," I say to Grace as she fiddles with her collar on her dress. It's spotty black and White, I designed it myself, and she has a black beaded neckless to go with it. 

"Haha yeah..." she says and stays quiet. She's been oddly like that ever since THE news. I bet your wondering wether she got through or not and... She did. But I'm jealous of her. I know its all my fault I stopped singing but she even got Liam's and Harry's number. She's never used the numbers, too afraid that she'll sound stupid or something but I don't blame her. I would be hyperventilating if Harry even looked at me, let alone meaning to talk to me. And I'm jealous like hell. But like a nice BFF, I'm helping her... 

Grace's POV

Sarah's dress is lovely and everything but... It just doesn't feel right. The phone that I'm holding right now contains 2 new numbers which I've never used before but memorised. 

"Right, it's 4pm, we better get going," Sarah says, glancing up at the jewelled incrusted clock hanging above my head. "Come on, I'll go heat up the car." Sarah is coming too, but she's just going wearing casual things like skinny jeans. Shes not going to stay for long. I nod and try to walk normally in my 3 inch high heels. God this is weird. I'm used to dolly shoes. Hobbling to Sarah's mini, I look around at the frost. It lays, untouched, in our front garden. My heels make small, round shapes and I climb into the car. Sarah starts the engine and says,  "Will the Head be there?"

"Which head? My head? Of course, I never take it off," I say and laugh. She laughs too and says, "Haha, no really. Will THE Head Teacher be there?" 

"Probably," I reply and stare out the window as Sarah drives down the road.

Harry's POV

"Right I'm off!" I call behind me and close the door. I've decided I'm not going to stay for too long at the school. It will be kind of weird being the famous singer and everyone else having every day life's. I climb into my car and drive. As soon as I arrive, memories come zooming back to me and I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Or a van. I step out side and get greeted by a very warm hug. I walk back, startled and they let go.

"Harry! Remember me? I was the one that we did the drama project on!" I stare at the girl whose speaking to me, who has dyed blonde hair and is covered in make up. I vaguely remember her and nod. 

"Er, yeah... What's your name again?" I ask and the look on her face looks like I've slapped her. She turns and stomps off. Wow, she needs to calm down. She's got to remember that I DID get knocked remember things here properly. My thoughts are interrupted by a beautiful girl stepping out of a red and White mini...

Grace's POV

I sweep my curly ginger hair out of my face and step out of Sarah's car. I look up at the school, remembering all those classes I hated, especially maths. 

"Grace..." Sarah says, tapping my shoulder. 

"What?" I answer, still staring at the art classes that used to love. 

"There's something that you need to see..." I peel my eyes away from the building and groan. Harry was there, staring at me, confused. Sarah suddenly starts to shove me and she pushes me through the doors, as if reading my mind. I don't want to talk to Harry, even though that is one of the main reasons I went here... Anyway. Mr Harold came into view and greeted us.

"Grace! Sarah! You managed to come! Though, I'm sorry Sarah, you can't attend tonight. Although we will be talking about how we are now, we will be doing things which you wouldn't understand. Being as you only came here in the last year. But it was great to see you anyway. How are you doing..." he says and drags Sarah off to the drink table. I find myself on my own with Harry about 10 meters away from me. 

"Grace, what are you...?" he says but I half walk half run off to the cake table, slabbing a huge chunk on my plate. He follows me, only to get interrupted by Hollie, a girl with vibrant dyed red hair. She asks him hows he doing and he's stuck with her. Ha. Once you get talking to Hollie, she can never stop...

2 hours later (7:30pm)

I feel a bit stuffed since I've eaten half a double chocolate, three layered cake in only 2 hours. Mainly so that I don't talk to anyone. Mr Harold announces through a speaker phone,

"Can everyone please take a seat on the circle of chairs." Everyone stops what they're doing and joins the slowly growing crowd in the middle of the room. I make my way over there, only to trip up on a table leg, tipping drinks from on top of the table. I'm about to face plant the ground when an arm catches me just in time. 

"Are you ok?" Harry asks, lifting me up.  "Um, yeah. I think so... I thought I was going to..." I make a mistake of looking into Harry's dazzling green eyes. I couldn't pull my own blue eyes away from them. Where's Sarah when you seriously need her? 

"We need to clean this up," Harry says, pointing to the floor. I nod and grab some paper towels. I hand him some and we start to scrub the floor. 

Harry's POV

Me and Grace are still scrubbing the floor when she says,

"Thanks for, um, helping me up."  "No problem," I say and I look up. Unfortunately, Grace looks up at the same time and our foreheads bash together. We fly apart and I smash against the wall behind me and fall unconscious...

(Harry's flash back)

"Surprise!" Someone calls from the limo in front of me. Grace is standing next to me and a load of silly string and party poppers blow up in front of our faces. Grace screams, jumps in and starts hitting Sarah. I back off, pulling the stuff off my face and hair when something big hits me. I feel the wind sweep out if me and knock me to the ground. My sight goes fuzzy and my head starts a pounding migraine. I try to move but my limbs are aching and are sore. I yell for someone to help me and I hear voices.

"Oh my God! What have I done?" 


"Grace! Calm down!"


"I'll go and call an ambulance!"

"THAT WAS MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU KILL HIM? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOU BITC-" I feel a pair of arms drag me from underneath the van and hear a scream. I must really look that bad.

"YOU DESTROYED HIM! NOW HE'LL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Somebody loves me? And that doesn't sound like my mum... I feel my body go completely limp as soon as somebody picks me up and I instantly black out... Like a film, my childhood years suddenly flicker past me and I catch glimpses of me and Grace sharing a huge ice cream when we were 10, me and Grace going bowling when we were 14 and me and Grace doing everything together... The blank bits in my memory have gone now...

Grace's POV

"Harry? Are you alright? Harry? HARRY!" I shout starting to get worried. He's been nocked unconscious for nearly half an hour and his body has been twitching. His eye lids fluttered open and he moaned. 

"Did I... What...? I think... I think I just had a flash back..." Oh no. What about? 

"Erm, Harry? Do you want some water?" I ask, letting go of his hand that I had been squeezing ever since he passed out. 

"Actually, Grace, I want to have a word with you," he says and starts to pick himself up.

"Erm... Ok..." I say and we both stand up. He brushes him self down and tells me to follow him. I do as he says to and we don't stop until we're out side and at the back, where all the goths hang out.  "Why didn't you tell me that you knew me all through school?" he asks and I stutter,

"I... I don't really know... I guess... I just..." He starts pacing up and down, concentration on his face.  "Was I your best friend all the time I knew you?" he asks, still walking.


"And were you the one who was shouting when I was... Knocked down?" Luckily it was dark otherwise he would've seen me flush pink. 

"Um... Yes." He suddenly stops in front of me, our faces inches apart. 

"Were you the one who said that you loved me?" he whispers. Oh God, how much does he remember? Really that much? Well I can't really say no now... Or can I? 

"Um... Well, I um... Yeah," I say shyly. He looks into my eyes, his own bright green ones glinting in the moon light.

"Because if I remember it right..." he says and pauses. Our noses are half an inch apart and my breathing quickens. Is he going to kiss me? "... I... Love... You too." I gasp. 

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