Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


7. Changing the Past; Chapter 7; Post

Grace's POV

"Sarah, have you checked the post this morning?" I ask, as I slot some toast in the toaster. 
"No. Why don't you do it?" she says back, munching on some cereal whilst texting on her phone. 
"Well I'm expecting a few things," I say, getting the butter out, "1) A postcard from my Mum from Poland since she told me three days ago that she sent it. 2) I ordered 'Take Me Home' a couple of days ago and can't wait to download it onto my iPod. 3) THE LETTER SAYING WETHER I'M THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND OR NOT!" Sarah jumps when I shout that, spills half her bowl and moans. I throw a towl at her and rush to the front door. I pick up 5 letters and run back into the kitchen. I flip through them: Bill, nope not it. Electric bill, nope. One is addressed to Latrice Drake and she doesn't live here. In fact, the address says the house at the end of our road. Funny. I'll deliver that later. My eyes glue to the next letter. It's blue with a sign on it. I'm sure I've seen that one before...

Harry POV

"Harry! HARRY!" yells Louis in my ear. 
"What?" I groan and drag myself up.
"You've got mail!" He throws a letter at me and runs out the room calling "Zaaaaaaaayn..." Wonder whats got him so hyper this morning. I mean, he's normally asleep at this time (11:30am) on days we have free. We're in an apartment because we're in London and we all share it - unfortunately. Louis keeps going crazy. For no reason at all. I sit up in bed and pick up my letter. It's blue and has a sign from my old school, Holmes Chapel, on it. I wonder what it's about...

Grace's POV

I tear open the letter and pull out the contents. 

2 Year School Reunion

You are invited to a school reunion held on the 19th January, 5:30pm to 11:00pm at the school main hall. Everyone in your old school year is invited and this is to get together and see how people are now. Hope you can come,
Mr Harold, head of all years.

"Give that here, you've been staring at that wide-eyes for years," says Sarah and makes a grab for the letter. 
"Oh it's the old school rubbish. They're begging me to go back. You're so lucky that your school is in Scottland," I say, handing her the letter. Sarah is evidently Scottish and you'd think she'd have a strong accent but you can hardly hear it. You would be able to tell she wasn't British but wouldn't be able to put your finger on it. 
"Ha! Think. We would be able to see Stacy again after the toilet incident!" Sarah did go to my school in year 11 but she must not be invited for only being there for 1 year. But she was still my best friend. And stuck with me throughout the time she was there, even though I was bullied, causing her to be bullied too.
"We can go to the loos and stick her head down the bog!" 
"Um, Sarah. You do realise that was why she was kicked out. She probably won't be invited," I say, crossing my fingers under the table.
"Oh really? She was only kicked out for 3 weeks and then it was the end of term. I think she will be invited. Anyway, what's the other letter in your hand?" I suddenly remember that I'm still holding another letter and say, 
"Oh nothing. Probably something from my mum. I'm just going to my room." A lie. I don't want to open it in front of Sarah, I'll probably end up crying and I have a funny feeling this is THE letter I've been waiting for. I walk to my room and shut the door quietly. I lay on my red and White bed and finger at the opening. Do I what to open this? Or should I just leave it and throw it away because I really can't face the truth? You are going to read this, I tell myself, do it or you'll regret it. I tear open the envoplope giving myself a paper cut. Classical me to injure myself by doing something perfectly normal. I suck on my finger and pull out the letter inside. Crossing my fingers, I begin read...

Harry's POV

"Right. Do we have anything on this Friday?" I ask everyone in the living room. They look at me and Liam asks,
"School reunion. I need to go back to Holmes Chapel for a couple of days. We have a break through next week right?" Louis nods and says,
"Right." I nod back and walk back to my room. I'm going to this reunion. I might be able to find out why I've got blank areas in my mind ever since the van accident. That somebody I obviously spent time with might really be there. I don't who it could be though. My parents never even told me wether it was a boy or girl. But I'll let them come to me. I'm not going around searching or they'll think I'm a freak, fussing about such a little thing. Little things... Haha...
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