Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


5. Changing the Past; Chapter 5; Meeting

I walk off stage to see Sarah waiting with two hot chocolates in her hands. 
"I heard you and you were amazing. Tell me, did you put our address on the form they asked you to fill in?" she asks, giving me my drink. 
"Um, yeah, I think I did. But it was only for them to send wether I got the tickets or not. Which I doubt I have," I reply, sipping the hot drink down my throat. Ahhhhh. That felt better. 
"Uh-hum, Miss Negative. You have a very good chance of getting them. Or a record deal, you do realise there was a record dealer there." I stare at her, astonished. 
"You. Are. Not. Serious." 
"Oh yes I am and your Mum called to congratulate you on going on the TV because this was aired across the whole of the UK. And... Oh my god," Sarah says, only to stop speaking because of something behind me.
"What? Oh - haha very funny Sarah, thanks for getting my hopes up," I say sarcastically as I look round and find no one behind me. I turn to face Sarah and she's laughing her head off, pointing at my face and laughing even harder.
"Ha! You - thought - that - 1- D - was - behind - you!" she says, imbetween laughs. She starts choking and I sigh. 
"It really wasn't that funny. Now come on, we need to get to the car before the directioners are here. They might ruin your car." We walk out and I find my mum outside who runs ad hugs me.
"Oh darling, you could have told me that you auditioned. And I like your dress by the way. Did you make it Sarah?" Mum says, taking a good look at me. 
"Mum, I'm 18. I don't need to consult with you. And yes, Sarah did make the dress. She really could be a famous fashion designer one day," I say, fingering the black and luminous pink dress I wore. The exact design as Sarah had suggested the other day. 
"Oh, it's amazing. But I have to go now, Grace. I'm going to Poland tomorrow and I need to finish packing! Be good now and don't get into too much trouble with Mr Styles!" And she runs off into her big silver land rover. I watch as she pulls out of the car park just in time before a huge crowd come round the corner. 
"They're coming out this door!" I hear one person say and instantly see the door open an inch. I run over and shove the door shut, earning an
"Ouch!" and a bang on the door. Oh come on! I'm saving them here! Can they at least be nice to me?! I beckon Sarah over. She nods and runs as fast as she in her 8-inch high heels (which is very hard if you ask me). After what fells like 20 minutes but is 20 seconds, she finally arrives and holds the door with me. I guess they must've got more body guards because the door was getting harder to hold still second by second and the fans were on 20 metres away.
"Listen to me. Hold this door still and I will come inside and explain. But for the moment I'll just say one thing: fans," I whisper through the crack and soon, the door stops pushing on us. We open the door a but to our side and sneak a peek inside. I open my mouth in shock to find a pair of chocolate brown eyes stare back at mine. We are so close together, I can feel his breath on my face. He jumps out the way and I open the door wider to find 5 boys staring back at me. Wow, I would have thought that they would leave their body guards to this kind of stuff. They really must be strong. Then again I'm really weak and when I was at school, I failed in PE. In fact, I got a F. I look at my arms and have a feeling inside me which wants to flex them to see if they have any muscle in them at all but I know I will look really stupid. I step
inside and Sarah follows me, closing the door behind her.
"Oi, Grace. What is the point in doing this, they're going to find out anyway. It's not like they're right... Here... Right... Now..." Sarah complains but stops to the fact that the whole group of boys from one direction are standing right in front of her. "Tell me they're not cardboard," she whispers in my ear.
"They're not card board, they're not car board, they're not..." 
"Um, hi. How many people our out there?" Niall pipes up. Harry looks at him like he's committed a huge crime and says,
"What Niall means is: Hello you of course know who we are. But who are you and what are you doing here," he asks, putting his hands in his pockets. I blush and say,
"Well, we um, kind of saw you lot um,  open the door and um, almost step into the crowd of um... Thingys." Oh God, I think I'm going to have a nervy b. Not the right time, Grace, not the right time. Louis looks like he's about to laugh and Harry raises his eye brows. Oh he's made me feel so stupid now! The one and probably only time I get to meet One Direction, I say 'um' four time in one sentence and bring in thingys. My hands are sweaty and my face is blushing crimson. I look at my toes, apparently very interested in my nails when Sarah says, 
"Well, thanks to you lot, you've made my best friend feel really stupid. After the favour we did for you, you just threw it away. I can see now what people mean when they say that you chuck your fans away." I turn to look at her and she's red too, only red in anger. Bummer. Why did she say that? I want to spend time with them and I know she does too, but why? She folds her arms and says, 
"Well, Grace, why don't we give the boys a little treat. I can hear loads of people out there. A lot of people who say they want to kiss you, Zayn. And plenty more for everyone else. All except... Harry. Well no surprise about that anyway. Time to un hook the latch and..." She deliberately takes an age to undo the latch and when she finally does, there's a key to turn. Liam steps froward and says, 
"Wait. Harry's just in a bad mood, ignore him. What's your names again?"
"I'm Grace and this is Sarah."
"Ok then, Grace. You both did an audition didn't you? Grace we all think yours was one of the best ones there." I blush even harder and smile weakly at every body. They're all giving me the jelly legs. 
"Oh... Right, um thanks. I just want to tell you that um, there must be over five hundred people out there so..." I stutter and look around. There is silence until Niall's stomach makes an unmistakable sound of rumbling. I feel like laughing my head off but bite my cheeks. Louis shrugs and says, 
"Niall, come with me, I'm starving. I'm pretty sure your hungry too, judging by the sound of it." I let out a giggle and couldn't hold it in. I was bending over, laughing so much that my belly hurt when I talk again afterwards. They all go by the time I finish and me and Sarah look at each-other, awkwardly. 
"Well... That was an... Interesting way to meet One Direction wasn't it?" I say. She nods and walks off in the direction Zayn and Liam went. I stand there, tapping my fingers against a table next to me until a deep voice rings through my ears. 
"I'm sorry about earlier," Harry says, looking me straight in my eye. I nod and look down. "Hug?" I feel astonished as a pair of warm arms wrap around me ad embrace me. My body tenses but soon relaxes and I hug him back.
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