Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


35. Changing the Past; Chapter 34; Results [FIANL CHAPTER]

Grace's POV

I get down off the stage and suddenly, a group of screaming girls knock me out of their way and I go tumbling towards the 'Spare Wires' box. Unfortunately, it's just cardboard so my bum goes right through it, landing on wires, leads and plugs. And I can tell you, having a plug stuck into your arse really isn't pleasant. 
"Ow," I say quietly to myself. Noticing that about three of the massive group of girls that ran past are staring at me like I'm from Mars, I lift myself out of the box and close it the best I can. There is still a dent where my bum landed but it should be fine. As long as no one needs a spare wire. My eyes turn back to the girls who are grouped around the door that I just walked out from. It is so obvious to anyone's eyes that they are fans and are trying to get on stage. When I say 'trying', I mean that they WERE trying. Now they ARE on stage. 
"What's going on?" I ask, even though I know perfectly well what's happening.
"Isn't it obvious?" Says one girl looking at me disgustedly. I shake my head (faking it) and she sighs loudly and says, 
"We're trying to get to One Direction. Being future Mrs Payne, I NEED to make my move now." 
"Fair enough. I wouldn't if I were you, security is very strict around fans but, if you want to believe that, believe it, no one is stopping you," I say and walk away. Opening the door to the waiting room, I see Sammie, the nurse, fiddling with her finger nails. I sit down next to her and say,
"Have you been yet?" She shakes her head and says, 
"I'm second to last. You were the first to perform, remember?" I laugh quietly to myself as I realise how much of an idiot I must seem. 
"It's not really that scary out there," I say and Sammie looks at me like she doesn't believe me.
"Well, it is at first," I admit, "Really bloody scary. But once you get into it... Actually I'm not going to say anything because I'm crap at comforting. I'm making worse aren't I?" She nods and smiles weakly. 
"Well, give it all you've got. If I don't win, then you have to win. For you, your life, your family, your boyfriend whoever it is... You know what I mean. I know you can do this." Sammie cringes at how cheesy it is and says, 
"I don't have a boyfriend..." My mouth goes sort of tight to stop myself from saying anymore. 
"I'm going to leave you alone now," I say and get up quickly. I'm only making matters worse for her, she's in a bigger nervous wreck than I was. And that is saying something. I walk over to the toilets and, before I know where I'm walking into, I find myself staring at the spot where I fell and got abused a couple of days ago. It feels like one of those things which you really want to look away from, yet it is so fascinating that you keep looking. If that makes sense. There's a bubble-like thing on the floor and it's kind of a misted see-through and I can see my old blood. Normally, I hold my nose and look away when I see blood but what keeps me looking is that there is lumps in it. I can't actually believe that no one has cleared it up and I touch the bubble-like thing, waiting for it to move or pop but it stays the in the same place. I shove it and, like it's glue to the floor, it doesn't even twitch. I shove it harder and end up finding myself punching it, pretending that it is Cara's face. I'm not sure why but the bubbly thing only moved very slightly when I punch it and, after about two minutes, I stop touching it and do what I've got to do in the toilets (peed and all that stuff). As soon as I finish, I wash my hands, wipe the sweat off my forehead with a baby wipe and re-apply my lipgloss. I am wearing quite a bit of make up today than usual, following Tanya Burr's 'Demi Lovato Make Up Tutorial'. I re-apply any makeup that might have come off or been taken off from the wipe. I walk out the toilets feeling happier than I was before and I take a seat. Groaning when I realise that Cara is on stage, I watch her curl her hair around her finger, looking at the camera in the lenses. She's singing 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen and she makes the song, which I originally hated, sound really good. It's a shame that she's so big-headed. I wonder what she would be like if she wasn't extremely perfect in her looks. Kind, funny? I snort at thinking her being that way and I realise that a couple of people have been looking away. Have I been talking to myself. Yep, probably. I focus back the screen and watch as Cara walks up to One Direction sitting at a judges podium whilst singing,
"Hey I just met you. And this is crazy! She is in front of Harry and Niall as she whips something white out of her dress. I suddenly realise what I just saw and replayed it back in my mind. She whipped it out of her cleavage! Oh my god! And she's expecting them to take them. To my horror, Harry and Niall both take them but Harry's face is very disgusted. Niall's face, however, seems very interested. I see him slip his phone out and dial something in. 
"But here's my number. So call me maybe!" She makes a little phone ringing sign with her hand and winks at them both. Did she just wink at Harry?! DID SHE JUST FUCKING WINK AT MY BOYFRIEND?! Oh no, she did not. No way she did. She struts back to the main part of the stage as I see Harry and Niall both put the number way in their pockets. I can hear everyone else in the room gasp from Cara's behaviour and muttering. A couple of them point to me and whisper back into their friend's or mum's ear. Cara sticks her bum out and kind of waggled it in One Direction's direction (hahaha) and she thrusts her boobs into the air. I can't say how much hate is filling up in me right now. That bitch is going to DIE. I can feel my fists clench up as she performs the rest of the song. Right at the end, she pouts an blows a kiss at Harry and Niall and waves to the crowd. Very unfortunately, they are cheering even louder than when they cheered for me. I don't understand why everyone seems to like her. Are they scared of her? Do they genuinely think that she is nice? I have no clue. 

5 minutes later....

Cara walks out of the 'To Stage' door and I jump out of my chair. I stand there, ordering my legs to move by they don't. Cara takes one glance at me and says, 
"Oh I knew you were going to react like this. You can keep Harry to yourself, you know. I suppose you haven't slept with him yet?" It takes me a while to answer because I don't really want to reveal anything but I shake my head anyway. 
"You see, if it were me, then he would be the happiest guy on earth right now. I wouldn't mind if he flirted with other girls or even cheated on me. I'd let it go because I know that he really does love me. And deep down, you know that too. There's no denying it, Grace. You just don't want to believe it," she say, walking very slowly over to me as the room falls silent, every eye on Cara. 
"The only reason why I don't believe it is because I know that it's not true," I manage to say. The palms of my hands are getting really sweaty as she draws closer, bringing up one hand in the air. She slaps me in the face which makes me stumble slightly back. I push her forwards and she cackles. 
"Is that the best you can do? I'd like to see a skunk do better than you!" She says, throwing her head back as if it was the most funniest thing she's ever heard. 
"If you may not have noticed, Cara, a skunk's stink can be very harmful to a human being. You probably haven't noticed that because you are as thick as you foundation. Which weighs a ton," I say. I can't help but feel a bit impressed with myself because that is the first kind-of cleaver thing I have said to Cara and it certainly does do the job. The smug smile was wiped off her face and is replaced by a disgusted look on her face. She brings her hand up again to slap me but I grab her wrist. I tuck her fingers into her palm and twist her wrist around until she cries out in pain. 
"Not so big now are you?" I say, feeling very pleased with myself. Letting go, I run over to Sammie, wish her luck then shove Cara out of my way. I head out the door and get in my mini. As I drive out of the parking lot, I can see Cara in my mirror, yelling at her friend, Amelia. By the looks of it, she's blaming it on her. What a great friend she is. 

The next day... 

Harry hasn't called me since the performance but I'm guessing its because he knows the results. We get told them tomorrow and so that I don't wait around in my house, I decide to go and visit Sarah. 

The next day...

I wake up early in the morning and stay in the living room so that I can see the door. The postman doesn't come to my house until 10am but he could come early. You never know. To fill up the time, I eat toast and drink milk whilst watching Come Dine With Me. It takes my mind off things and cheers me up because the episode that I'm watching is really picky, posh people being arrogant and arguing all the time. I get pulled out of watching it by hearing the post being shoved through my post box. Running up to get it, I see one single purple letter addressed to me. I carry it to where I was sitting on my sofa and edge open the envelope. To savour the feeling (even though I hate it), I take my time to pull out the letter. I unfold it and read: 

Dear Miss Grace Shuatsi, 

We are writing to you to tell you wether you won on the final of The One Direction Singing competition. There was five finalists and only three can be the winners. Before you read on, SYCO wants to inform you that these winners were all picked out for the most votes from the public. We thank you for taking part in this competition and appreciate all the help you have given to us. We can now announce the winners. 

In no particular order, the three winners are:

1)  Sammie Allison

2) Florence Lavender

3) Cara Herbia 

We are very sorry to announce that Danielle Timutle did not get through. We give you our best wishes in getting far in your future music career. Without further ado, we will announce the prizes. They are 

- Tickets to One Direction's Take Me Home tour

- A record deal with SYCO 

- Go on tour with One Direction themselves, staying in the same hotels as them and spending time with them during the breaks of their tour

We thank you very very much for taking part and, if you were one of the lucky winners, there will be a special phone number to call enclosed in the envelope. 

Best wishes in your future career, 

SYCO, recording label 

P.S Grace Shuatsi, call this number:


I finish reading the letter, mouth open. The news doesn't sink in at first but then it does. I try to stop myself from turning on the waterworks and pull my phone out of my pocket. Dialling the number, after two rings, someone picks up. 
"Hello, SYCO recording company. How can I help you?" 
"Um, I'm Grace Shuatsi from the singing competition that SYCO recently held. At the bottom of my results letter, it told me to dial this number," I say, trying to keep my voice from cracking. I really hope that it doesn't. 
"Grace Shuatsi? Yes, it seems as if you were disqualified from the competition for harming another competitor out of jealously." 
"What? Who said THAT?" I say, feeling my eyes start to feel with tears. No. This isn't fair. 
"A girl named Cara Herbia. She reported her broken wrist to us and told us that it was you. Because there was no other witnesses, we can only rely on what she said." 
"What?" I cry, astounded, "there was LOADS of witnesses! At least fifteen people were there! Thy would tell the truth-" 
"We are very sorry but other more important calls are trying to get in and you are blocking the line. You got disqualified from the competition an therefore, any votes do not count. Thank you for calling SYCO. We hope we hear from you again soon." She says the last thing like a robot with no meaning. I click the hang up button and lower my phone. The one thing that keeps running through my mind is:

The bitch told them. 



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