Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


32. Changing the Past; Chapter 32; Blood, Pus and Cuts

I get an email the next day about the competition that the finals would be re-done tomorrow because of my injury. I'm pretty much fine now since, although I lost a lot of blood when I was unconscious, I have a very common blood type and they managed to match one up with mine very quickly. Over night they put the blood into my body (with tubes, I hope) and I got freed from the hospital at one o'clock in the afternoon with my arm in a cast.  At this very moment, I'm sat in my bedroom, on twitter. It's funny looking at all of the pages that I followed ages ago about One Direction and seeing myself, hand in hand with Harry. I do remember when that was Taylor Swift. I hated Haylor back then but now, I seem to love Taylor Swift and I have all of her albums. 
"Grace?" I hear Sarah call from the kitchen. 
"Yeah?" I reply and push my laptop off my lap. I get off my bed, open the door and walk up to Sarah. She's clutching her wrists where her scars are from when she cut but I can see a new one slightly further up her arm. 
"Oh no Sarah, you're still cutting," I say, picking her arm up. She quickly pulls it away from my grip and points to one of her other cuts.  Small bubbles of pus has developed around and on top of a few of the cuts. 
"What's that?" I whisper. 
"I think, from when I used to want to be a nurse, it's MRSA. I don't know much about it because my career changed so quickly after it started but I know that it's a type of bacteria," she says, tracing her fingers lightly around the boils. 
"Can't you just treat it with antibiotics?" I ask and Sarah shakes her head. "Why not?"
"Because this is a type of bacteria that is resistant to most medicines. I have to go back to hospital to get it checked up and get the pus drained." 
I sigh and say, 
"Oh no, we are not going to the hospital AGAIN." Sarah looks sad and I can see tears in her eyes. 
"I have to otherwise... It can cause things like... Blood poisoning or... Septic arthritis... Or infection to the heart. I just really need to go to the hospital. I'm not feeling too well either and I'm running a very high temperature but I'm shivering at the same time. You never know, I could be close to death and I don't even know it yet," she says and tears fall down her cheeks. 
"No, Sarah. Don't say that. I'll come with you. Besides, I was at the same hospital just in a different ward. I probably need to get checked up too," I say and I can feel my own eyes start to fill with tears. I blink them away, refusing to cry when Sarah is the weak one. "We should go now. It's never too early to check." After, some shuffling about, we get out the door and to the hospital in twenty minutes. The whole car journey is silent. 

2 hours later...

We have our screening. I go first since its more likely that I don't have it and I find out that I don't. I'm completely clear from that bacteria but they wouldn't let me stay for Sarah's. I know that they have to drain the pus from her boils on her wrist anyway but I don't know whether that it's just a slight infection or not. And the truth is, I'm scared. I'm scared that Sarah is going to get blood poisoning or somewhat. I'm scared that I'll be left in the flat by myself with no one to talk to. I'm scared that I'm going to lose the best friend I could ask for. The one girl that fitted just for me.
I fiddle with the TV remote until I decide that I can't be alone. Taking my phone out my pocket, I dial Harry's number. He picks up after three beeps. 
"Hello?" I hear him say on the other end. 
"Hi Harry, are you doing anything special today?" I ask him, switching the telly off. 
"Um... Who is this?" Oh crap, I forgot that I didn't say that it was me like a normal person would do. But then again, he has my number... 
"Harry, I know that you know that it's me. Grace Shuatsi, entered the competition which the finals are tomorrow and is kind of your girlfriend-" 
"Who said I was your girlfriend?" He asks and I go still. Oh God. At least he can't see my face. He's kissed me a lot though. Actually, come to think of it, we've probably only kissed about six times. Does that make me his non-girlfriend-that-he-likes-to-just-kiss? What the hell am I thinking, he's laughing right now. 
"Oh my god, I wish I could see your face! I can just images it, mouth wide open and stunned eyes!" He says and I hear him laughing a lot. 
"Harry!" I say and laugh. God, he got me panicking then. "I was wondering, maybe we could meet up or you could come to my flat in about half an hour." 
"Yeah ok. I'll go to yours. I'm practically ready to go out the door right now anyway so I'll be there in ten minutes. Love you babe. Bye," Harry says and he hangs up. I put my phone down and tidy up around the kitchen and living room. My room is pretty clean anyway since I don't like it messy. I grew up with putting everything away in neat little boxes and it's stuck with me my whole life. I apply some powder to my face because my face is a bit pink from crying before and put on some water proof mascara, just in case I start crying. By the time I'm finished, the door bell rings. I open the door and hug Harry very tightly. He hugs me back and whispers, 
"You only just saw me yesterday." I say, 
"I know but it feels like weeks." I reach up to his hair to find a beanie covering his curls. I very quickly pull it off his head and run back inside. Harry shuts the door and chases after me, into my bed room were he takes off his coat and tackles me onto my bed. He holds me in a position where, if I make the slightest movement, I will get tickled. He leans in until I can feel his breath tickle my ear. 
"Are you going to give it back yet?" He whispers and shifts so that his lips are close to mine but don't touch. I stop myself from breath just in case that my breath smells (I had cheese and onion crisps for lunch) and shake my head. Harry leans in slightly so that he kisses me on the lips very softly and pulls back. 
"Are you going to give it back now?" He whispers again and looks straight into my eyes. He then closes his as I shake my head and laugh, letting out all my breath that I held in before. I really hope that my breath doesn't smell now. Either it doesn't or Harry likes the smell of cheese and onion breath (which I very, highly doubt) because he leans in and kisses me harder this time. Trapping me with his body, I attempt to wriggle out his grip but he holds me still. I feel his tongue very lightly trace my lip and I shiver. Trying and failing to get my lips closed, Harry's tongue enters my mouth. It feels really odd, like something slimy  is inside your mouth (like a really fast snail) but at the same time, it feels really... I don't know but something about it doesn't make me try to end it. In fact, I pull Harry even closer with me from little movement that I make and we stay like that for another minute. Harry pulls away and losses the grip on me as I pull my hands up to play with his hair. I don't realise him staring at me whilst I try to flatten his hair and I pull the beanie out from underneath me and shove it on Harry's head so that his fringe is in front of his eyes and he can't see. He gets off the bed and looks in my mirror to sort his hair out and I get up off my bed. My phone rings and I pick it up, trying to hide the fact that my ring tone is One Way Or Another by One Direction but Harry catches it in time to turn around and smirk at me. 
"Shut up," I say to Harry, grinning stupidly. I go out the room to answer the phone. 

Harry's POV

I push all of my hair underneath the green beanie that I'm wearing and flatten out any bumps that I have. Grace comes back in the room with tears down her cheeks. 
"It was Sarah. She just found out that she's got blood poisoning." 

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