Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


31. Changing the Past; Chapter 31; Mum

I pretend to wake up ten seconds later and shift my arms about. I cry out in pain as I remember what happened before. 
"Shhh," Harry whispers. I sigh as if moving my arms from left to right a few inches was the most difficult thing ever and flop them down onto my lap. I stare up at Harry whilst he stares back down at me. 
"How long was I asleep for?" I ask, trying not to move my mouth just in case I injured it... Which I don't think I did. I lift my hands up to my mouth to feel them and I can taste blood. If it isn't enough that my skin on my arm is in shreds, my lips are bleeding too. Then I remember the fingers and lift up my hands to my eyes and see that I still have four fingers and one thumb on each hand. Must've been dizzy or something because I swear I can remember only having three fingers... Probably just dreamed it. Harry looks surprised that I can even talk. 
"We don't really know what time but the nurses say about ten minutes," he says, stroking my hair. 
"Nurses? Please don't tell me that I'm in a hospital," I groan. What is it with me and hospitals? 
"If I said anything else, I would be lying," Harry says, still fiddling with my hair. 
"What happened? Like since I kind of... Went to the loos and passed out?" Harry hesitates and thinks for about 10 seconds then says, 
"Well, they called you on the stage and you didn't go on. Just as we were about to leave to find you, Sarah came rushing onto the stage and said that the hate had gotten to you. I don't know how she found that out but anyway, we went into the toilets and found you lying there with your arm all covered in blood an twisted around weirdly. The funny thing is that you didn't break it or anything. You just sprained it very slightly but all you need to do is put an ice pack on it and your fine. At least that's what the nurses said anyway." 
I would ask how I got here but I was already awake for that. And kind of got confused on wether Harry loved me or not. 
"How long do I have to stay here for?" I ask, eyeing the clock. It read 2:45 which means that I got... Beaten up in a way about 30 minutes ago. That was a while. 
"For the rest of the day," Niall says, walking into the room. 
"Hi Niall," I say. It still feels really weird to be talking to Niall in person. For Harry, I've started to get used to it but the rest of One Direction, phew, it's difficult talking to them. 
"Hey Grace. You alright?" Niall says and I look down at my arm. It's looking pretty good from what happened to it but it still looks all shrivelled. Ew. 
"Oh, sorry. Stupid question. Anyway, your mum came here to see you." And with that, my mum came striding into the room. An she's gushes. BIG TIME. 
"Oh Gracie, how have you been. Look at you, all pale and frightened. You must be terrified from why happened. I told you that you shouldn't have auditioned for that competition. And now look at you. Your arm is as shrivelled as a... A tree branch! They say that your skin will never be normal again-" 
"Um... Mum?" I say, looking directly at her face. She places her hands on my non-damaged hand and says, 
"Yes, poppet?" 
"I'm fine. Well, not fine but I'm just... Fine. I FEEL fine if you know what I mean," I say, making no sense to anyone what so ever. My mum is the typical mum. One who fusses over everything and is all 'sweetie' this and 'poppet' that. She's one of those single mothers who brought me up in a flat and dressed in tracky bums and sports jackets. Slob clothes. Sarah would non stop complain about what she wore everyday. 
"Your arms not alright. Why did this happen to you?" She says and then glances over to Harry and whispers, "I bet it was his fault." She doesn't whisper it quietly enough and Harry hears. He opens his mouth and, before he can speak, I say, 
"No, mum. Seriously, I'm fine. And it wasn't anyone's fault but mine. I shouldn't have stayed in the loos for such a long time," She looks at me as if I hurt her. "Sorry, mum, but this really isn't the time. Can I see you sometime next week and we can talk then, ok?" She slowly nods and kisses my forehead. 
"Call me as soon as you get out the hospital, ok honey? And then we can talk about..." She darts her eyes in Harry and Niall's direction and smiles. I sigh and fake a smile. 
"Ok, bye," I say and, as soon as she walks out I groan. "Oh God." 
"Was that your mum?" A nurse says to me. I nod and she says,
"She's dead embarrassing, isn't she?" I nod again and hope that she won't be waiting outside. 

1 hour later...

Everyone went when Mum went. Harry kind of exchanged awkward glances with Niall and walked out without even saying a word to me. He just patted my head, as if in pity. Sarah told me that she was going to get some food because she was starving and would try to sneak some in for me but, so far, it seems like she had no success. I sit on my bed, just thinking about how I could have performed and maybe even won. But now I have no chance. I feel really sad that I can't get through and, whatever the prize is, I hope I don't miss out on anything good. Which is very likely. It's just me and one other nurse in the room. She's staring out the window and I say, 
"Are you alright?" Her eyes are still sticking to the window as she very faintly says, 
"Yeah." I gather that she doesn't want to be disturbed and look back at my own hands. It's true, my arm DOES look like bark off a tree. But at least I still have all my fingers. When I thought that didn't. But, if only I didn't need a toilet...
"Hi Grace," Sarah says, plodding into the room. She has three different bags in her hand and dumps them on the floor. 
"Guess what I found out?" I look up to her with excitement in my eyes. 
"Pizza is half price at Waitrose!" I feel my face droop. 
"Great. Amazing. Oh how fantastic life can be when pizza is half price," I say sarcastically. Sarah laughs and says, 
"No that was just a joke. The real good news is that they're re-doing the finals!" I stare at her open-mouthed. 
"Oh my god, really?" 
"Yes!" I get out of the bed and start dancing around the room as Harry and Niall walks in. Running up to then, I hug them both. Then I turn to Harry and kiss him on the lips long and hard. I can tell that he's really surprised because, this time, he's kind of the lemon at first. But I wrap my arms around his neck and he picks me up, us still kissing. I wrap my legs around his waist, not caring if the hospital dress lifts up to show my spotty black and white pants (nobody's perfect, so if they do, then I hope the people watching will enjoy the view-no, no, no! I hope they DON'T enjoy the view. Hahaha). We stay in that position as my hands mess up Harry's hair. Wow. This is a change. I can hardly look a boy in the eye, let alone kiss them and mess up their hair. But I do anyway and it feels good. Harry then gently let's me go and I slide to the floor. As my feet land, I pull away from Harry and say, 
"How did you do it?" He looks at me confused. 
"Do what?" 
"You know, persuade them to re-do the finals?" I say, sliding my arms down to Harry's neck. 
"I didn't do that. That was your mum," he says, starting to laugh. 
"What?" I say and pull completely away from him. "I kissed you like that for no good reason." Harry laughs even more and says,
"It wasn't for no good reason. It's because you've wanted to the minute you saw me." I punch his arm slightly and say,
"Don't be so full of yourself." But I laugh anyway. Apart from being the most embarrassing (and I mean EMBARRASSING) mum in the world, sometimes, she can be the best. 

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