Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


30. Changing the Past; Chapter 30; I've Been There Before

A/N- Hello everyone! I just wanted to wish my friend (Latrice - also known as Angell) a very good holiday. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Thank you! Bye, love you all <3 <3 <3

Harry's POV

I sit at the desk in front of the girl singing before me. Only girls seemed to make it through because of what all of the news papers published. A couple of boys did enter at the beginning but they only did for a laugh. Otherwise they wouldn't be so crap. 
As I look down at my list, I scan the paper for the hundredth time to see when Grace will come on. I groan as I see that she isn't next. Grace is a beautiful singer and I would be so angry if she didn't win. I would even go up to Simon himself and ask for him to sign her to Syco. I really think that she could make it that far.

Two acts later...

I watch as one of the girls walks off the stage. 
"Please can Grace Shuatsi take the stage," says the male voice behind the speaker. I sit up in my chair, waiting for Grace to walk on the stage. But she isn't here. Maybe she just got nervous. 
"Please can Grace Shuatsi take the stage." I'm almost standing up now, ready to go back stage and look for her. She wouldn't get this far and just drop out. That wouldn't be like her. At least I don't think so. Or maybe she has...? 
"For the last time, can Grace Shuatsi take the stage." I hear yelling and see Sarah stumble onto the stage. She's panting as she splutters,
"Harry. It's the hate. It's got to her." I rise from my seat as Zayn says,
"Tell her to come on stage and we'll sort it out then."
"No," Sarah shakes her head, "not mentally. Physically."

Grace's POV

My vision is still blurry when I see people rush into the toilets and stand over me. I definitely know that I really do not look good right now. In fact, I probably look hideous. Suddenly, something covers me and I can't see anything but white. But I know that I haven't fainted because I wouldn't be able to smell, hear or feel right now. And I smell someone familiar but my brain doesn't seem to be working properly at the moment. 
"Grace. Can you hear me?" I recognise the voice to belong to Harry and realise that he's hugging me. I murmur something along the lines of 'Msha'. Which doesn't make sense to anybody. Harry pulls away and looks me in the eye. I try to focus onto his but they kind of turn into a mush of eyebrow and eye. Which makes an eye-eyebrow. Haha, can make myself laugh even when I'm hurting like hell. Then I feel my eyes roll back into my head whilst my consciousness is telling me to not black out yet and kiss Harry. Even though I'd probably end up kissing his nose. Which won't taste nice. At least I don't think it would. Unless he puts some flavouring in his nostrils... What. The. Hell. Probably best that I fall into a deep sleep otherwise I might end up asking Harry about the flavoured-nose-thingy. Or trying it out. The last thing that I can remember is shuddering at the thought. But what if he didn't use it and I tried it anyway?...

I wake up still in Harry's arms, carrying me somewhere. 
"...There's not much we can do. We just need to take her to hospital," I hear Niall say. I open my eye slightly to see Harry's face less than a metre above mine as he carries me in his arms. I tilt my head slightly to the left to see Niall and Louis walking beside Harry. Closing my eyes, I decide that it's a good idea to pretend that I'm still asleep. I don't really know why. I just do. 
"I'm going to help her all I can, Niall. Before we take her to the hospital," Harry says as his chest vibrates as he speaks. The hospital. Oh no, not there again. I'd never been to a hospital before I'd met Harry, not even at birth. I was born at my parents house. Then suddenly I meet Harry and WHAM, I need to visit the hospital a billion times. What is wrong with me? 
"We can't do much Harry. As much as I'd like to help, we're not qualified doctors. We hardly have a clue on what to do in moments like this. I know that she's your girlfriend Harry but..." Louis says. He hesitates as if to hold back from saying something bad.
"But what Louis? I love her," Harry says and I can feel my mouth start to smile. Wow. He loves me. Harry Styles LOVES me. Harry Styles loves ME. Oh my God. I might just die. 
"Are you sure about that, Harry?" Louis says. No, no shut up Louis. I'm happy with just how it is. I'll simply bring it up later and...
"But you haven't even known her for a month." I can't hear three pairs of feet walking anymore. I can only hear two. And Harry stays silent.


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