Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


28. Changing the Past; Chapter 28; Like A Dream

A/N- I'm currently writing this at midnight because YouTube and procrastination overwhelmed me. Hope you enjoy \(•_•\)

Sometimes, I think that our human brain purposely makes us make mistakes even though it already knows the consequences. So it will become clear to us and we will never do it again. Nobody is perfect.

I stare and stare, taking the whole scene in front of me. Before I can do something, I see Harry push Cara away. He stands up and looks around the room, as if to check if anyone saw. And most people in the room DID see. And not only in the room. On the other side of the massive windows were paparazzi, cameras flashing. I watch through the crack in the toilets door as Cara gets off my chair and walks over to Harry. He waves a hand at her to go away but she wraps her arms around his shoulders and begins to whisper something in his ear. Deciding to find out what she's saying, I creep out of the toilets and crawl underneath an empty table. I'm about 3 tables away from them now so I crawl until I am under the table that Harry and I ate at. Hoping no one will see me, I edge forwards behind Cara just enough so I can hear what they're saying. 
"...want to be with her? She's horrible, Harry. You could do so much better. Like me, for instance. I am so much better than Grace. I could make you so much happ-" 
"Are you telling me to break up with Grace?" I hear Harry's voice say as if he were bored. Cara giggled and says,
"Well, you aren't exactly in a relationship with her are you?" I hear silence from them two and for a moment, I think that they are kissing again. But they aren't. 
"I don't know..." Harry says and Cara says, 
"So it would be less pain to break her heart-" 
"Are you telling me to break Grace's heart?" Harry furiously spits. I can practically hear Cara's smile fade. 
"I'm telling you that's NOT what's going to happen. Do you hear me? Get your filthy hands off me, I don't even know you name-" Oh god. Oh no. NO. Harry has pushed Cara away and as I'm right by her ankles, she stumbles over my feet and falls on top of me. 
I face my head down so that hopefully Harry won't be able to tell that it's me. But Harry is, unfortunately, smart enough to realise that I've been listening through out nearly the whole time.

Harry's POV

I shove the girl away and she stumbles over something. Something which looks like a foot from where I'm standing. As the girl who just kissed me fell over, she reveals Grace, kneeling with her head down. I stare at her horrified as I realise that she's been listening to mine and the girls conversation. I don't know how long for though but I thought she was still in the toilets. For more than 10 minutes though, but I've been with girls who took 20 minutes to 'go to the loo'. I know perfectly well that when they do that, they are completely reapplying all of their make up again. Which I think is pointless. Grace guiltily looks up at my face and smiles a very nervous smile. I can't imagine a more awkward position to be in.

Grace's POV

Harry's face is full of shock and confusion as he bends down to my level. 
"Did you... Did you hear the whole conversation?" Harry asks me in a whisper. I stare right into his eyes and get lost for about a second then prepare myself to say something fairly normal, which is very unlikely that I will do so. 
"Er, yeah. But I missed out the first part since I was in the toilets," I say, looking down again. Harry's hand lifts my face up so that our faces are level too. 
"You took a very long time in there." Uh-oh. Now I don't know what to say. Oh don't worry, I've got it. 
"What, did you think that I had... Er, diarrhoea or something?" I say and straight after, I want to face plant myself into the floor. Out of ALL of the things I could have said, I mentioned DIARRHOEA! I just make things worst for myself. Harry smirks and says, 
"And why would you have diarrhoea?" Oh god, I don't know. Nervous tummy or something? And that's what I say. Harry looks straight into my eyes and says, 
"I don't know... Maybe because this is my first ever date," I state and I hear someone to my side say, 
"You've never been on a date before? God, you are so pathetic. I told you that you could do better, Harry." It is Cara. Still on the floor watching us talk. I wish she would go away but I would be overwhelming with hypocrite-nosity (is that even a word? It should be) that it would be unreal. I DID listen to her conversation with Harry. 
I had barely turned my face away from Harry to look at Cara when I decided that she isn't worth it. Harry is and that is final. Hopefully. 
Harry cups his hands around my face and scoots close to me. I can feel his lips less than a centimetre away from mine. 
"And this date," he says, whispering to me with his lips still so close to mine, "won't be your last." He closes the gap and, one again, I sit there like a lemon, not knowing what to do with my hands. After about a second of lemon-ess, I can feel Harry smile as he takes his hands off my face and holds my wrists. He guides one of my hands to the top of his back were his bra would sit if he were a girl, which (obviously) he isn't, otherwise I wouldn't be kissing him right now. At least I don't think he's wearing a bra. I have a little feel just in case. Nope he's not... Hang on. What the hell am I doing? Harry probably thinks that I'm comforting him or something now. Oh God, why do I have to be like this? My brain is mental. I rest my hand on one place one his back (yes, yes where his bra WOULD sit IF he were a girl, which he ISN'T) and Harry guides my other hand to the back of his neck. It's pretty uncomfortable, with Harry kneeling down and me sitting cross-legged, with my hands on his back and neck whilst his hands are back cupping my face. We probably stay like this for twenty seconds or so. 
Harry pulls away very slightly and looks straight into my eyes again, flicking to one then the other.
"This might sound a bit strange but... Don't ever go to the toilet when you go on a date with me again," he says and pulls completely back. This, of course, is too much for me and my legs seem to give away. Lucky I'm still sitting down. Harry holds out his hands and I take hold of it, putting all of my weight on his hand so he has to lean forward slightly to keep standing. He then pulls me into a hug, places £200 on the table (the waiter very quickly grabs it, seeing that Cara is eyeing the money) and we walk out the door. Pushing past the cameras now, Harry is holding my hand and we climb into the limo. Since mine and Sarah's flat is not very far away from the restaurant, me and Harry only get to talk a little bit on the way home.

I step out the limo, still holding Harry's hand as we stop by my flat. We approach the it and outside the door, Harry kisses me again, like something out of a film. Something that I've always dreamed of. I can feel him fumbling for something in his pocket. We break apart and Harry places something small and velvety into my hand. 
"I'll see you sometime again, Miss Shuatsi." Harry walks away and, once in the limo, waves at me smiling like he's just done the most amazing things in the world. I open the door to my flat and step inside. I sit down, open the small, blue, velvet box that Harry had given to me and take a long look inside. Inside is the most beautiful charm I have ever seen. It's a funny thing, getting a charm for valentines but this one must have cost hundreds of pounds because it had a real ruby in the middle of the elephant's rug which was weighing it down. But I love it and will always wear it to special places such as Harry's dates and on stage. Only one thing is on my mind right now. Why did Cara kiss Harry in front of all those people? She must've known that people would notice. Sarah interrupts my thoughts as she comes scrambling into the room. 
"Tell me everything what happened from top to bottom," she says, "I'll make tea."

A/N - I wrote this chapter over two days so the first authors note is from Saturday and this one is from Sunday. I would like to say that, if you are like many of others out there who like to read fan fiction, I would say read 'Death Toll' by Maddy1D. It is a great book and if you like Changing The Past, then you will like Death Toll. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the chapter! Bye! <3



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