Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


27. Changing the Past; Chapter 27; Valentines Week Part 6 FINAL

As I swing the door open, Harry is standing there with a rose in his mouth, leaning against the wall casually. As if there isn't about a hundred different cameras flashing. He's staring at the wall of by door until I poke him. I don't know why I poked him, I felt like it was the right thing to do. But it probably wasn't since this is going to be on the covers of magazines and inside newspapers. His face turns my way and he smiles. He takes the rose from his mouth and places it in my hands. 
"Suits your beautiful dress," he says, still grinning, "you look amazing tonight, Grace, you really do." I blush and look down. No doubt the paparazzi would have caught that. Harry steps forward so he isn't leaning against the wall anymore and holds out his hand. 
"May I escort you to the limo, Miss Shuatis?" He says, remembering our little game we played when we last saw each other. I giggle because I feel extremely faint and pull out my shaking hand. He grips it gently and leads the way to the limo. Hoping I don't collapse into the black leather seats, I sit down, crossing my ankles. Harry sits down too and closes the door. He scoots over to me and says,
"Where is your dream place to eat?" I shrug and say,
"Numfphs." He laughs like its the most hilarious thing in the world and says, 
"Well, I've already booked a special place in town where lots of other celebrity's are eating there too."
I think about how I might be a part of them. I'm known by almost every fan of Harry in the world. I should be anyway. But I haven't seen any news story's on the magazine about it yet. I wonder why. 

We arrive at the restaurant at half seven and the waitress guides us to a table. I sit down on one side as Harry pulls out a chair. He then whispers something into the waitress' ear and the nod and smile. I faintly hear her say, 
" cute." Harry gives her a big cheesy grin and sits himself down. The waitress places two menus onto the shiny black table and walks off. 
"What was that about?" I ask, leaning my arms on the table to make my face closer to Harry's. He does the same and whispers, 
"You'll find out soon enough." He kissed my forehead and ruffles my hair like I'm a little kid. I pull a disgusted face as I hate having my hair ruffled and lean back as a different waiter comes along.
"Can I take your order?" He says, clutching his notebook like it's his £500 phone and we're going to steal it. 
"One glass of white wine, please," Harry nods to me and I nod back, "make that two glasses." The waiter nods stiffly and walks off. 
"What's his problem?" I ask Harry. 
"I've been here before with another girlfriend once. Got in a little bit of a tiff," he shrugged, "nothing much." I couldn't help but dwell on how Harry had taken his previous girlfriends here before and look what happened to them. I thought I was different but maybe I might not be. Maybe I'm the same as every one of them. I hope not. 

We order our food and I get spaghetti bolognese with salad and homemade chips. It's my favourite meal. But I've been thinking about the girlfriend thing so much that I've forgotten what Harry's having. I think about it so much that I have to excuse myself from the table to go to the toilets because I feel so sick. As I reach the door, I turn to see Harry looking around the room. He stares blindly at the wall and I wonder what's on his mind. Another girl? I push the thought away. How could I be this clingy already? As I swing the door open, I bump into a girl, knocking her make up bag out of  her hands. The contents spills on the floor and I see the girl turn red. 
"I'm so sorry, it's the bloody sinks. They're too close to the door," she says. I bend down to help her pick everything up. 
"It's ok. Everything's fine, it's not your fault. Too much on my mind," I say, gathering her brushes together. We smile at each other and stand up at the same time. The girl looks really surprised when she sees my face and says,
"Your Grace Shuatsi, aren't you? You're on the singing competition. You are so good, you should win." I blush and say,
"Thank you." 
"Your also the girlfriend of Harry Styles, aren't you?" I decide to just say yes other wise it will get into too much explaining. 
"I would say I'm jealous but I'm not exactly..." The girl says, un-zipping and zipping up her bag again, repeatedly. 
"Why, have you gotten someone else better than Harry?" I ask, jokingly. She giggles and says, 
"Yes." I give her a look of 'who' and she says, 
"Niall Horan." His name echoes my head as I repeat what she just said. She's here with Niall. Niall is here. With a girl. That's not me. Of course it's not me you idiot, I tell myself, your with Harry. 
"What's you name?" I manage to say and she smiles a grin that reaches her hazel eyes and says, 
"Sammie Allison." I barley manage a smile and say, 
"I guess I'll probably see you around, Sammie." I wave at her as she walks out the door and place my hands on the sink. Niall has a girlfriend. Or nearly does. But he only just told me that I was his princess less than a fucking week ago. Niall is so confusing. He doesn't make sense to me. Well, no boys do but Niall is definitely the most complicated. I stare into the mirror at my appearance. I look a bit flushed in the cheeks so I dab a little bit of cold water onto them. Once I finish fixing my hair, I finally decide on one thing. Before I leave tonight, I must find out wether Niall actually has a girlfriend. I poke my head out the door and look around the room. I can't see Niall. But something else catches my eye. Cara. Sitting with Harry. Eating my dinner. I gasp and I instantly feel tears spring into my eyes. I want to rush over to Cara and shove her out her chair and tell her that she's not good enough for Harry. But Harry doesn't seem like he thinks that. Because I watch him lean in and kiss her. 

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