Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


23. Changing the Past; Chapter 23; Valentines Week Part 2

Day 5 (12/2/13):

It's so early in the morning and Sarah is bouncing on my bed. I hit her round the head softly to stop her. It was really supposed to be hard and knock her off the bed but I'm so tired that my arms won't do anything properly. She's still on the bed and stands up at the end, jumping up and down. 
"Get off, Sarah," I say, but she stays on, jumping higher and higher until her head hits the ceiling. She lands on my foot and I squeal. Despite her fall, she still has massive grin on her face, and starts to tickle me. I roll around on the bed, trying to grab her wrists and when I eventually do, Sarah jumps back, rubbing her wrists as if I've drawn a knife against them. Her smile has disappeared now and she sits down on my chair, looking closely at her wrists. I can't have done anything wrong. I only grabbed them and held them in place for about five seconds. She takes her hand off them and I see that there is blood all over her hand. 
"Sarah?" I say sitting up. She looks at me with her face full of pain. Getting up, she leaves the room, closing the door tightly behind her. I hear a slam at the bathroom door and a shriek. I rush out of bed and bang on the bathroom door. But it's locked. I can't get in. All I can do is hope for the screaming to stop. 

Sarah's POV

I slam the bathroom door shut. Grace can't see me like this. I never told her and I know it would break her completely if she found that out. But I can't stop shrieking. It must be really scary for Grace, from me being really hyper and playful to screaming my head off. My wrist is warm and wet, I take my hand off it and see bloody pouring out. It trickles down my white jumper sleeve and pools around my elbow. My hand is losing blood and is going from red to white to purple very quickly and I panic. What if my hand falls off? That'll be my life ended. No point in living. Not that I have one now...

Grace's POV

I bang at the door so hard, that I make a small dent. That's what I need, I think, I need to break it down. I slam my side against the door and I hear the hinges start to strain. I continue to slam an realise that I need to think up a new idea to get in. I lean against the wall next to the door and think, hard. Shuffling and banging, I can hear Sarah stumbling around, sounding like she keeps losing her balance. This eventually drives me to the edge and stand back five paces. I breath hard and count. Three, the screams are getting louder and I hear heavy shower gels getting knocked over. Two, the sounds she's making could probably be heard from next door, maybe even the one next to that. One, a massive bang on the floor, followed by complete silence. I don't exactly realise this until I am mid sprint. I skid to a halt and whisper between the gap of the door. 
"Sarah?" I can't hear a thing. Not even breathing. 
"Sarah?" I say, slightly louder this time. "Sarah? Sarah!" I bang on the door. 
"SARAH! SARAH OPEN THE DOOR!" I kick, punch, push and slam at the door and finally it works. The force of the door opening so fast, pushes Sarah out of the way and her head bangs against the wall, lolling about afterwards. She's unconscious and blood is tipping out of her hand, arm and wrist like a waterfall. The floor is stained with the red, sticky dye and so is all her clothes. I can hardly breath, seeing her like this. 
"Sarah." I choke out. I walk over to her, not caring if my feet swish in the blood and kneel down beside her. I pick up her hand, which feels very light and empty. Letting my head lean on the wall, I feel faint at the sight and smell of so much blood. No, I tell myself, I mustn't. It's Sarah who needs the help now. I get up and run into the kitchen where I last left my phone and get interrupted by the door bell ringing. 
"Oh, God, not now!" I cry and sprint towards the front door. I open it up and suddenly forget about everything. Harry is in front of me. 

"Harry, this really isn't the right time!" I yell, shutting the door behind him. He follows me when I reach to get my phone and call 999. 
"Wait, why?" He asks. I sake my head at him and he takes the phone off me. "What are you calling the police for?" I try and reach to get my phone back but Harry starts to raise it high into the air. 
"Harry, give it back! Sarah's nearly dead and your pestering me why I'm trying to save her life!" I begin to raise my voice. His eyes open wide and he says, 
"Sarah's nearly dead...?" 
"Yes, while your standing here being no help whatsoever, my bloody best friend is fucking bleeding to death back there and I can't do anything about it!" He slowly gives me back my phone and silently walks into her room. 
"She's in the bathroom, Harry, but I doubt you'll be able to do anything good." I dial 999 again and someone picks up. 
"Emergency services, how can I help you?" Says a tired voice on the other end of the line.
"Yes, my friend, she... She's bleeding," I say, stumbling across my words.
"I've put a towel against her wrist, Grace, to stench the flow," Harry says, so calmly that I can't help it but get really pissed off with him. 
"Fuck off, Harry, I'm on the phone," I say, covering up the speaker. I take my hand away and put my ear to it. 
"She's fainted, unconscious and won't wake up. There's.... There's pools of blood all over the floor..." I start to feel sick and dizzy when I think about how much is all over the floor. Enough to fill a sink. 
"Ok, we're on the way. Can you tell me your address?" 
"Er... I any remember..." 
"Ok. Do you have location services on on you phone?" 
"Er... Um, yes, I do actually," I say, starting to panic at how long this is taking. Sarah could be gone right now... Sarah could be gone... She could be dead. "Please get here quickly, I'm scared she's going to die."
"Ok, we can track you down and we'll be on our way." 
"Um... Ok... Thanks," I say an hang up. I stare at the floor thinking, how the hell am I going to save Sarah? A pair of strong arms wrap themselves around my waist and I hear Harry whisper in my ear,
"Stop worrying. Your just making it worse." I smile weakly and turn to look him in the eye. It takes a lot of will power in me to speak but I manage to do it. 
"And how can you read what's going through my mind?" I ask, smiling teasingly. 
"It's not hard to figure out," he says and pulls me in for a kiss. I lean back slightly as deepens the kiss. Then I pull back half an inch and stare into his eyes. I'm about to say something but I completely forget about it. It's amazing really. How two perfect, unique green pairs of eyes can hypnotise anybody who stares into them. You can completely lose track of thoughts... 
"So...," Harry whispers, "do you want to go out on valentines day?" Oh my god, he's asking me! Do I say yes? Or do I sound a but eager if I do? If I say maybe then he might put it off and go with Cara. Oh God, I'd die if he went with Cara. WHAT DO I DO? A knock at the door suddenly spoils the mood and me and Harry jump away from each other. I run towards the door and open it. About 6 people come running in with a long, white stretcher. 
"She's in the bathroom," I say and my eyes start to fill up again. Bloody hell, I would've thought that there would be no tears left. But there is. And they come pouring out when I see Sarah lying on her side, her face as pale as a sheet of plain white paper. I see the nurses bang her accidentally into the table and I make a weird noise. 
"Please take care of her," I cry and one of the nurses nods. They take her out the door and Harry hugs me tightly. 
"I'll take you there, don't worry," he says and we step out into the cold air. I vaguely see one woman in a purple uniform shut the ambulance doors and the white van drives away. Harry opens the door for me and I sigh as I climb in. He gets in the other side and as soon as we get onto the road, he says, 
"Is that a yes?" 
"About what?" I say sharply. I really don't feel like talking right now and Harry bringing up what I think he's about to say isn't the right thing for me now. He looks slightly taken a back. 
"About... You know." 
"No, I don't know what your talking about," I snap, even though I know perfectly well what he's on about. He sighs very loudly and says, 
"About valentines dinner with me on Thursday." I shake my head and wrap my jumper around me tightly. 
"I don't know, Harry. This is the wrong time to ask me," I say. I realise what I've just said and want to snatch the words out of the air. I've just rejected Harry. Not properly though, I still have a chance but... I feel so stupid. The rest of the car journey to the hospital is in silence.

To be continued in... Part 3 (surprise, surprise :D) 


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