Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


22. Changing the Past; Chapter 22; Valentines Week Part 1

A/N - I put a lot of work an research into this chapter (and the next, there is a part 2) and I couldn't upload it on that Sunday I said I would because I hadn't finished it. Then my wifi broke and it's been a bit dodgy recently so I won't be able to up load very quickly. Right now I am trying to publish two chapters a month so keep checking your emails! I really hope you like everything, I got it from google images so you might be able to access it that way I'm not too sure but I'll describe it in the story anyway. Here's the chapter. Enjoy! Sadie :D <3 

Two weeks have passed since the fainting incident which caused chaos. Me and Sarah haven't said a word about her kissing Niall. I completely forgot that that was reason why the whole entire world exploded anyway (not really). Nothing has really happened apart from the fact that I was good enough to leave the hospital last Friday (five days ago). I've heard nothing from either Niall or Harry but I hope I will soon. Valentines day is coming up soon and I hope one of them are going to invite me out on a date. No. Only Harry. I only hope Harry will take me on a valentines date. Don't I? Yes, yes you do, Grace. You don't want to end up kissing Niall again do you? But he IS a good kisser... I have these arguments with myself all the time. I'm not going mental, I think and hope to God and I only have the conversations in my head but the decision needs to be made. Anytime soon. Before valentines day.

 Day 1 (8/2/13):

 I get up in the morning and its 6 days away from valentines day. Oh, my, God. I'm a bit dizzy from just standing up from laying down for ages so I don't really know what I'm doing. I let my hand drag along the table, nails scratching the surface. My foot brushes against a corner of a wall and my little toe gets caught. 
"Ahhhh, crap," I say as I see a small drop of blood trickle down my toe. My nail is slightly coming off and I think, great I'm going to have to take it off and that means I can't wear my heels on valentines day. IF I go on a valentines date. Hopefully. I look to my left and see two letters. My heart skips a beat as I see a red one with a heart on it! Is it from Harry? I pick it up and savour the feeling of my first valentines card, ever. I know it's sad but it's true. No boys have ever liked me. Apart from Harry. And Niall. My fingers slip under the material and a white letter comes out. I'm confused. Is that it? No chocolates? No hearts? Oh... I unfold the letter and begin to read... 

Day 2 (9/2/13): 

"Grace, what kind of romantic song can you do which isn't all soppy?" Sarah asks, munching on an apple. I sigh and say,
 "I don't think there is one." I blow my hair out my eyes and continue to type on my MacBook. 
"I'm sure there must be one non-cheesy song in the world. You can think about Harry when you sing it," she teases, grinning widely. I roll my eyes at her and decide to type in on Google 'Sound of the Underground' by Girls Aloud and look up the lyrics. I scan through them and say, "I think I've found the perfect song." Sarah looks hopeful and asks what it is. "Sound of the under ground."
 "By Girls Aloud? That's not a romantic song, it's got nothing to do with romance. And anyway it's really electrified so can you sing it loud?" She says, getting up to throw her apple core away. 
"That might be a problem. I'm not sure. Oh, it's so pathetic that they've made us sing on valentines day. There is no point whatsoever," I groan and click back to google homepage, fingers rapping on the silver surface of the laptop. "Probably so that either, people who don't care about the competition will drop out or because you have to be a great singer to sing love songs in a... Loveable way," she tells me. I laugh and say, 
"I can see why you didn't pass English at school." She playfully punches my arm. 
"Shut up." I decide to call it a day and go to bed, still thinking whether Harry is going to contact me before valentines day. 

Day 3 (10/2/13):

 I get up at 7:30 ready to go to work and find that out side is empty. I walk the way I normally would but nobody is there. Passing costa, I glance inside and see only one person sitting at a table by them self. They look old and withered but I can recognise them. Then it suddenly clicks, it's my grandma! I push the door open, checking my watch for 5 minutes to spare and sit down at the table. She looks alarmed and cries, "Who the bloody hell are you?" Yep, that's my grandma. I'm definitely not talking to a stranger. 
"It's me, Grace. I saw you and thought I'd ask why your in town. You live in Yorkshire," I say, pulling my scarf down from my mouth. 
"I know I live in bloody Yorkshire," she replies, taking a sip of her tea. Funny thing about my grandma is that she likes using the word bloody. In fact, she uses it in every sentence. Which might be great for her (who knows) but it very unfortunate for the people who don't know her, since they think that she's yelling at them. "Yeah, whatever. Why are you down here anyway?" 
"Isn't your grandma aloud to see her granddaughter everyone in a while?" "If a while means 5 years." 
"Alright. But the reason I came here was to talk to you. I was going to knock on your door but it's good that your here now, we can have a good long-" 
"I have four minutes until I start work. Get to the point," I say glancing at the clock above my grandma's head.
 "You've been going out with a young lad."
 "Yes. He's called Harry Styles." 
"No, not him. The other one. Nail... Nill... Nall..." 
"Niall Horan?" 
"Yes that one. It's all over the news and now, for some odd reason, some of the paparazzi have been out side my house, questioning wether I liked my granddaughter to be a two-timing... Er, well and I said-"
 "Two-timing?!" I cry and think hard. How could this have got out? How could they have heard? The sound of the door opening reminded me I needed to get back to work. "Sorry grandma, I've got to go. Bye," I say and kiss her goodbye. I leave and as soon as I arrive (late) I get a yelling from my boss but I don't take in a thing that she's saying. It's now officially out there that me and Niall have kissed. If it's already in Yorkshire, then it's obviously here or will be tomorrow...

 Day 4 (11/2/13):

 "Grace...?" I hear someone whisper in my ear. "Grace? Grace? GRACE?" I snap awake, shot up in bed and bang for-heads with Sarah, whose sitting on my bed. 
"Ow... What the-" I say as I realise that she's not the only one who is in my room. 
"Morning princess," says an Irish accent. For a moment I think it's an old friend who just so happened to be Irish. But then I recognise 'princess' and remember that saying on the Internet around the world: 'Niall is still looking for his princess'. 
"Niall?" I ask, stretching and hear my back make an unmistakable CLICK. My body must always make the worst noises in the worst possible times. I think I'm cursed. 
"Yes, Grace?" He replies, moving in closer. I jump back slightly from all the sudden movement.
 "I didn't expect you to be here... Wait give me ten minutes and I'll be ready," I say pushing back the sheets. 
"No. You look much better natural. Stay in bed." 
"But your here." 
"I'll come in with you."
 "And I'll be in my room," Sarah says, sensing the situation. I roll my eyes. "Niall, we don't even go out. Don't think I'm going to let you in my bed." "What? Come on, you know I'm not going to do that," he says, moving so close that I can feel his breath on my face.
 "Are you not going to get out until I let you in?" 
 "What do you me-"
 "Just let me in, it's flipping cold out here." 
"I thought men never get cold," I tease but open up my sheets anyway. I can't help but feel extremely nervous since NIALL HORAN IS IN MY BED. Haha, that sounds... Yeah. I feel him move around and get comfortable in his own little spot. That's one great thing about Niall. He's not all flirty and stuff like Harry. I mean, if Harry was in my bed right now, his arm would be around me and would be kissing me. But Niall knows how to take it easy and does it in his own cute way. My back is facing Niall and I can't help but feel bad so I turn around. Niall's nose is about 3 inches away from mine and he has his eyes closed. I get a full view of his lovely face without him seeing me examine it until he opens his eyes 20 seconds later. His blue eyes are so... Entrancing... And shine so brightly... It's like I want to just steal them from his eye sockets but then he wouldn't be able to see. His fans would murder me until I'm ash if that happened. I move my head a tiny bit closer and our noses touch. We hold this position for what seems like forever until he pulls me in for a hug.
 "I don't want to lose you, Grace. I feel so sure that you were made for me yet you and Harry fit like two pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. I feel so confused right now," he whispers. He then pulls me out of the hug and kisses me on the lips. I wrap my arms around his neck and try to pull him closer but he stays firmly in his spot. I let them loosely hang there until the end of the kiss. We break apart and he gets out.
 "I'll give you time. Don't worry, I'll be in the kitchen," he says and walks out, leaving my bed empty and cold. My hand lingers on the part of the pillow where he put his head. I push the sheets back and step out. Fumbling through my wardrobe, I found a pair of bleached blue skinny jeans, a stripy blue and white top (I saw it, thought of Louis and just HAD to buy it) and a cream jumper. I slipped them on with some slippers, applied a few strokes of mascara and left my hair how it was. It was messy but with me washing it the night before, it had small ringlets too. I walk out the door and see that Niall is sat on the sofa, reading an article in the newspaper, the sun. I sit myself down next to him to see the page he is reading and see that it's the travel page. The place inside it is very familiar and it suddenly clicks. 
"My and my family went there last year. It's in Roda De Bara in Spain and the beach there is amazing. Apart from the occasional jelly fish, it's the best beach I've ever been to," I say to Niall and he looks up from the paragraph he was reading. 
"What? Oh that? I wasn't reading that... You went to Spain?" I look around the page until I see a small sub heading of apparently me and Harry are going together next year. Well. He didn't tell me that. I would've thought that even if he wanted to go on holiday, he wouldn't go to a campsite with normal people living normal lives. No, he's not. We're not going. I'M not going. I don't want to. "Um... Yes... I, er, I did... Has Harry mentioned this?" I say, pointing to the article. 
"No. Is it true?" he asks, staring at me with slightly hurt eyes. He tries his best to cover it up.
 "Nope. Infact, Harry actually hasn't spoken to me since I went into hospital..." I drift off and for the rest of the time that Niall is at my apartment, it's a lot quieter and we don't really say much. He leaves with a small peck on the cheek and disappears. No invitation. No nothing. Well, what was I expecting? I should be glad that I wouldn't have to turn down Niall. I would look like a cheating slut if I went out on a date with him. I sigh and go to bed late that night, watching titanic until 3 in the morning. This is my life. How sad. To be continued... In part 2

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