Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


21. Changing the Past; Chapter 21; The Power Of Fandom

A/N- I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in ages! I've been SO BUSY it's unbelievable and in my spare time (not at school) I've been doing home work because they love to watch us suffer, drowning under the mountain of paper, books and pens. But I hope you enjoy. I might do a valentines special but it won't be uploaded tomorrow, probably the day after? By Sunday, anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter! Thanks byeeee, loveeee you all <3 <3 <3

Niall's POV

"Is there anything I can do?" asks the receptionist, rudely. I can feel my eyes well up in tears. Why did I have to be one minute late? What did I do to deserve this?
"No, sorry.... I'll just go..." I walk off and I don't stop until I realise that I don't know where I'm going. "Actually, yes you can," I call back and I hear her sigh heavily.
"What now?" she says, picking on her false nails.
"Where is she? What ward did she... die.... In?" I say, trying to keep my voice steady.
"And who's 'she'?" I start to get angry now and slam my fists on the table.
"YOU KNOW WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT. GRACE SHUATSI!" I can feel eyes boring into me as everyone turns to watch my tantrum. The receptionist is stunned and is rushing though her computer finding the information. She looks up and says,
"Ward 12, room 5. It is a private room."
"Thank you," I say and nod. I turn around and make my way to Grace's room. As soon as I get there, I pause outside, debating wether or not I should walk in casually as if no one... Died or I should run in sobbing, kissing Grace's forehead. I shake my head at the stupid thoughts and push the door open. And I gasp at the sight. Harry's kissing Grace. Harry is kissing GRACE. HARRY is KISSING GRACE. The one who I thought was ment to be. And all I do is cough awkwardly until Harry turns around and his face contorts with anger. He gets up from Grace and yells,
I stare at him, gobsmacked.
"Where was I?" I ask.
"WHERE WERE YOU WHEN GRACE DIED?" I look round at Grace's body and see it moving. What? She's breathing. She's alive. A warm feeling gushes through my body and the sadness creeps away. But Harry is still heaving with anger in front of me.
"Grace didn't die... Did she?" I mumble, looking back at Harry's face. It doesn't help that he's slightly taller than me. It makes him look a like he's got more power over me than I do. He shakes his head and smiles patronisingly. He acts all calm and sits down on a chair next to Grace's bed.
"Oh, if only you knew what went on between us," he says, shaking his curls still forcing a smile. I see him slip his hand around Grace's petite ones and I feel a longing in my heart to hold it myself.
"I know what goes on-" I start to say but get interrupted by a nurse. It's the trainee nurse at the door, walking in, past Harry, Grace and me without even noticing who we are.
"You are Grace, right?" She says, staring at the computer screen. Her head slowly tilts down as she takes in the full page. Then she turns and complete disaster happens: she screams. An unfamiliar nurse runs in, asking if she's alright and she starts bouncing.
"Ohmygodohmygod it's HIM! It's HER! It's them! And it's NIALL! Oh my god, I spoke to you earlier didn't I...? I can't believe... How stupid... Oh my god!" I smile, not caring about everyone else around and walk up to hug her.
"Your very own Horan Hug," I whisper into her ear. And it's like I'm hugging a rock. She's frozen, cold and suddenly turns limp in my arms.
"Oh shit, she just fainted," I mutter and lay her on the leather sofa outside the room. I'm checking her heart beat when a pair of heels stop 10 metres away from me. I see her face and find she looks about the same age as Sammie.
"I think you should leave her to use, sir. We can take her in better hands," she says, bending down, "What made her faint?"
"I looked at her," I say and only realise after I say it that it sounds so bloody stupid, like I was that scary or something. Most people find me cute...
"You looked at her?" She questions and looks at me. And that's when he has a mini heart attack to. She's down on the floor, holding her heaving chest and banging her hand hard on the ground in what seems like pain... Could I really cause this much drama. She squeaks very quietly and lays down on the floor gently, closing her eyes. She's still awake and normal and I think she was exaggerating but that doesn't stop the chaos all down the corridor. Of course, every patient just so happens to be awake and they've all heard. Why? Why now when Grace is... Grace! I run back in to the room.

Grace's POV

Harry is hugging me tight but I can't help but think about Niall. I think I do love him. I really do. Only, I love Harry more. But if I really was with Niall... Would it be easier? Harry is the most liked, in fact loved, out of all the members of One Direction and could end up cheating on me at one point... Niall would never do anything like that. I think, if I won the competition and became a professional singer, Niall would support me better than Harry. I don't know why but I have that voice inside me telling me that if I chose Harry then I won't make a very good choice. My mum always said listen to your gut. But she also said listen to you heart too. My gut and heart are saying two different things... Harry and Niall. And my brain is contributing as well, saying that I should ignore them completely and carry on with the competition, hopefully living out the dream I've wanted for 10 years. But I'm not going to listen to that... Brains tend to make stupid mistakes... Or is it the heart?... My thoughts are interrupted by Niall bursting into the room, flushed. Harry pulls away from me and looks at him, worried.
"What is it?" He asks. Well that's a change of mind, one moment he's saying he hates Niall for kissing me, next he's acting all worried for Niall like e never yelled at him. Phtt, he's really pissing me off now.
"A nurse looks at me... She faints... Another nurse talks to me... She has a miniature heart attack... Word gets around... The power of fandom takes over," he's panting and bending over, sweat trickling down his head, neck and shirt. I have to admit, he would look kind of hot right now, if his head wasn't a tomato.
"It's alright," Harry says, patting him on the back, "I get it all the time." I can't help but interfere.
"You selfish bastard! Niall's in the spotlight and you take it away from him!" I say, with a smile playing on my lips. Harry turns and his face is serious at first but then he laughs.
"I'm not taking the spotlight away from... No!" He goes all nervous and just speaking altogether. And I sit back and watch as I see Niall get up, look at me and realise that I still have a soft spot for him. I see the news sink in that the power of fandom is slowly moving onto Niall from Harry.
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