Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


18. Changing the Past; Chapter 18; An Old Friend

Authors Note - In this chapter I have added a request for a new character. Just to let you know and it's never to late to request me! Remember: my KIK name is: saj2001 and twitter: SadieMacNeill. Thank you all for reading and lurveeee you all!!!!!

I get to work 5 minutes early and my manager raises an eyebrow at me. I say,
"What?" She raises it even higher and shakes her head.
"Don't you know?"
"You were seen," she says simply and I know what she means but I pretend not to.
"Er, yeah. People see me everyday, I'm not invisible you know!" She smiles and shakes her head again. God, it's getting on my nerves. Why does she have to do that? It's so patronising, it's unreal. I mimic her and she frowns.
"You're not funny, Grace. You do realise what was spread over the news yesterday." I shake my head but she folds her arms so I guiltily nod.
"There's nothing wrong is there?"
"What do YOU think?"
"Er... No." She sighs and my heart sinks.
"Don't play dumb with me, Grace. Having your face plastered on the front on a magazine brings the paparazzi around with you."
"But it's not my fault. And anyway, it'll bring more customers into the shop," I say and start to walk toward the apron stack.
"Grace, there is different kinds of customers. One is the type who come in and buy things when they actually want to. The other is the people who only visits when the shop it's in fashion. Or 'is juicy' as they say." Oh, Grandma, stop lecturing me. Of course she isn't my Grandma or I would freak. I definitely wouldn't want my manager to be the same person who knits me underwear at Christmas. "If this causes any trouble, I'm blaming you."
"And what can you do to me?" I ask, stopping what I'm doing to look at her in the eye.
"Well... If it really becomes serious... I can fire you," she says and walks of with a smug smile on her face. She's obviously just jealous. I mean, I defiantly would be jealous if I was her. Hopefully I won't get fired otherwise I will kill Harry. This is all I have at the moment.

(The evening)

I walk home straight after work and decide to take the long root home. It's very dark and all sorts of weirdos can be around but nothing can spoil my great mood. I'm so wrapped up in looking at the street lamps and thinking how beautiful they are when someone cries out loud,
"Oh bloody hell!" I suddenly snap out of my trance and run up to where the noise is coming from to find a girl with chocolate brown eyes. She would look very pretty, if it weren't for the pain in her face. I recognise her from somewhere but can't put my finger on it.
"Are you alright?" I ask and she shakes her head, causing her dark locks to swish.
"No, I think I... I broke my ankle," she chokes out and I walk up to her.
"Do you live around here?"
"Er, no. My house is very far away. I'm kind of... Lost," she says, trying to pick herself up. I help her and say,
"Why don't you come to my flat? It's just down the road. I can take you to the hospital when we get there became I don't have my car right now." She nods and says thanks. We heave to my apartment and I open the door to Niall sitting next to Sarah. Who was kissing. Kissing Sarah. I drop the girls arms and she falls to the ground. It must've made a huge noise because they brake the kiss and stare at me, horrified. And I do the exact same thing back to them. Until I feel very dizzy and faint.

I wake up in a white, crowded room with people surrounding me. I see a mop of curls a head of me, talking to a doctor.
"Is she going to be alright?" Harry asks urgently.
"Yes, yes, I've told you that three times already! But she seems to be alright, I can't see what caused her to faint," replied the doctor, watching my heart beat on a screen. It's beeping at normal pace, though it starts to pick up a bit when Harry bends his head over mine so we're a few inches apart.
"Harry, it seems best if you stay away from her because her heart beat is speeding up. Go into the waiting room, please," says the doctor, as if really annoyed.
"No," I moan and Harry laughs.
"I don't think she wants me to go, doctor," Harry says, smiling his big cheesy grin. The doctor sighs and gives in.
"I'm just going to pop in the other room to talk the head and, Harry, look after her please." He goes out the room and Harry leans in and pecks my lips. I lean up and say,
"What happened? After I opened the door to my apartment, what happened? Why did I faint?"
"We don't know, love. Sarah said that she was with Niall and that was it."
"Harry, can I ask you something?"
"Of course."
"Please don't call me love." Harry holds his hands up in the air as if to surrender and I laugh. He smiles again and I say,
"You're so cute when you smile." Which it's actually true. Harry smiles wider, showing off his dimples. I laugh and pull him closer to my lips. We kiss again until we hear a SNAP at the door. I tear my lips from Harry to find the girl I picked up with a huge camera in her hands. Her face falls as she sees the look on my face ad she mumbles 'sorry'. She turns away but I stop her and ask,
"What's your name?" She smiles, hopefully.
"Natalya Vladyka." I tilt my head as I recognise the name.
"Do I know you?" I ask and she nods.
"We used to go to the same school... Good old times...." She turns away and walks out. I turn back to Harry to find him looking very frustrated.
"What?" I question him and he says,
"You don't realise who that is. She was one of your so called 'friends'."
"Yeah... So?"
"But... Put it this way... She was my worst enemy." He walks out the room, tight lipped and I'm left alone. Just as I thought everything in my life was going well, something - or someone should I say - screwed the whole thing up. And all I can say is:
This is shit.

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