Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


13. Changing the Past; Chapter 13; Four Points

Authors Note- Some bits in this chapter are not real  and I know they won't ever do it so don't think I'm critising the certain person who does a certain something to a certain somebody else. It will make sense after you read this chapter. Thanks for reading and I love you all <3 <3 <3 

 Niall's POV

I'm eating Chinese as my phone rings. I pick it up and say,
"Niall," a breathless voice replies. 
"Uh... Yeah that's me... Who is this?"
"Oh, right, sorry! It's just me, Grace. It's chucking it down outside and I've lost my room key. The lady at the desk says that I can't get the spare key because I have no identification that it's me. I need my ID for some stupid reason and I can't get to it because I left it in my room..."
"Woah, slow down Grace. I'll let you in and tell me the rest," I say, putting down my knife and fork and walking towards the door. 
"You... You will? Oh thank you so much Niall, I..." I open the door to reveal a soaked through to the skin Grace. I can hardly recognise her under her coat as she has the hood over her head. A scarf covers her mouth and her fringe covers her eyes as she hasn't bothered to sweep it out of the way. She nervously takes her phone away from her ear and puts it in her bag. 
"So... Do you want to come in?" I ask and she stutters and says,
"Oh, right... That. Yes I would." She steps inside and takes a good look around. 

Grace's POV

I walk inside Niall's hotel room and sink in the surroundings. His room is identical to mine, only with different coloured themes like sheets, curtains and cloths. I see food left on a table, half eaten with a knife and fork in it. Whoops, I interrupted him eating. Bad move: I know how much he loves food. 
"So, carry on," Niall says and takes his seat at the table. I continue to blabber on about how I can't get back into my apartment and end up telling him everything. Well, almost everything. Not anything about Harry... Harry! Oh no I forgot about him! Oh crap. AND I've got the competition tomorrow. I NEED TO GET BACK TO MY ROOM!!!! My dress is in there! Oh crapity crap crap. I realise that I've been whispering to myself for more than 10 minutes when Niall gets up and throws his rubbish away. 
"I know what we can do," he says and I perk up. 
"Well, you know that magazine over there with you and Harry on it?" I look at Niall suspiciously. 
"Well, we could show it to the woman at the desk and if that doesn't work then I could do something like hug her. She'll definitely crack." 
"You would do that for me, Niall?" I say, fiddling with my fingers under the table. He nods. Wow he'll really be that sweet for me? I can't... I can't believe this. I'm a 1 in a million... Actually make that 1 in 10 million fans from all over the world and it's me? That's flattering. I stand up, next to Niall and we walk out the door with the magazine in my hand. Occasionally, my hand brushes against his and it makes my heart skip a beat. "Don't fall for another one," I tell myself, "He's too good for you." We get down to the bottom floor and Niall suddenly grips my hand in his. I think, what? Where did that come from? It was unexpected. But as we walk through the door, something more unexpected comes up... Harry is there. He's standing up and he's not alone. He's with Cara. Suddenly, Cara and I's eyes meet and she smirks evilly. She roughly pulls Harry neck towards her and their... Their lips... Meet.

Harry's POV

Why am I doing this, I ask myself. I love Grace, I love Grace. But I'm with a girl called Cara. Yeah, she's definitely attractive but if you look at her for too long (about 5 seconds) you realise how sickening it is. She has no personality either, she just likes to talk about girl stuff. And that usually just sends me to sleep. Not uncaring in any way but it's just... She's Cara and Grace is Grace. We walk in through the reception of the hotel us five boys are staying in and she moves closer. Suddenly, I find her fingers locked around my neck and I'm being forced down to her lips. I hear a door open behind me and I want to turn around but Cara's grip is just too tight and I find myself kissing her. I pull away and look at her in disgust. She gives me puppy eyes but I do something I've never done before: hit a woman.

Cara's POV 

Me and Harry walk in through the reception door together and I hear gasps all around me. Yep, I'm with Harry Styles at last, he's gotten rid of that slut Marley girl. Harry says that her name's Grace Shuatsi... Hmmmm... I perk my head up as I hear a door open and find Niall and Marley-Grace. I decide to take imediate action and swing my arms around Harry's neck securely. I feel him try to wiggle about so I tighten my grip and force his head down on mine. I try to kiss him but he doesn't kiss back and he gets free. He looks furious with me so I give him my special puppy dog eyes. No guys can resist them. But I get corrected as Harry pulls back a hand and slaps my face, knocking me onto the ground...

Niall's POV

Me and Grace walk down the stairs and as we're about to walk through the door, I grip Grace's hand. I can feel her surprise even though she didn't gasp but she finally held mine back. As we walk through, I stop dead in my tracks from the scene in front of me. I see a girl with curly blonde hair kiss and Harry and by the looks of it from the back, Harry is enjoying it. But he pulls away and brings back his hand. I think he's going to touch her cheek but he flips out and slap her around the face. He does it so hard, it knocks her to the ground and shes knocked out. I watch as Harry's fists are clenched and his face looked like he is seething. But I suddenly see Grace run up to Harry and hug him tightly. My happiness from the day sinks to the ground and I turn away, sadly. Grace will never be mine. It's always Harry...

Authors Note- I just wanted to say it's the 1st of December! Happy Advent Calendar day!!! Hope to update soon and check my blog if you want to know what's happening! <3 <3 <3
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