Changing the Past

I want to go back and change the past. What I said to Harry Styles in School was all a lie...
My name is Grace Shuatsi and I am 18 years of age. If I told people that I went to School with Harry Styles nobody would believe me. That I was not only friends with him, oh no, I was best friends. The closest friend anyone could have. But something went wrong on the night of the prom... Something which made Harry forget...


10. Changing the Past; Chapter 10; Starbucks

Grace's POV

I arrive at Harry's apartment and buzz on the door. A messy haired, topless Louis opens the door and I quickly turn away. I need to concentrate on liking Harry, not stare at Louis's perfectly toned abs. 
"I guess you want Harry?" he asks and let's me through. And there is one word for their apartment: huge. It looked like the bottom floor of a really big house, only with added bed rooms to it. 
"HARRY! GRACE'S HERE!" Louis shouts and walks into their kitchen. I hear Harry mumble,
"Ok, tell her to wait in the living room." 
"Yeah I know what he says!" I yell back. I can't stand to have people shouting at this time in the morning. I only got up half an hour ago! I sit down on the black arm chair in the corner and wait. Liam walks in and smiles. I smile back and start fiddling with my finger nails. I really need to get used to seeing famous people around the house.
"Perrie! We're off now so if you want to stay with Zayn, just stay with him. We're coming back here in the after noon anyway!" shouts someone who sounds just like... Leigh-Anne? From Little Mix? No, they can't be here. If they are then I'm going to explode. Too many famous people in one place. Especially since I'm IN that place and I'm NOT famous. Jade walks in and grabs her bags. She smiles at me and says,
"Oh, are you Harry's girl friend?" I shake my head and say,
"No... Just a school friend. How come you lot are here?" Wow that was brave of me not to say 'um'. 
"We visit one direction all the time. Especially since Perrie goes out with Zayn. But I got to go now. Nice meeting you..." 
"Grace," I say. 
"Nice meeting you Grace. Bye!" Haha, Sarah going to be so jealous... Sarah! Oh my god! I completely forgot about her! What's she going to do? I get interrupted by Harry walking in the living room, yawning wide.
"You... Get... Up... Early," he says in between yawns. I laugh and say,
"Well I usually sleep in but I wanted to see you." He smiles and pulls me into a hug. I hug him back, savouring the feeling of him so close to me. 
"Right, well I need to get changed. I'll only be 5 minutes. Wait down here for me," he says and he pulls away. He walks off and Liam walks back in again. 
"Hi, where's Sarah?" he asks.
"Shes back at my flat. Why?"
"Oh I thought you two went everywhere together." He scratches his head and walks out. 
"Wait Liam! I can call her if you like," I say and pick up my phone. He shakes his head and says,
"Nah I was just wondering." Oh Sarah isn't wanted here then. I wait and Harry returns. 
"Starbucks?" he asks and I nod. As we walk out the door, he takes my hand. I look at him, face coated with shock and he smiles cheekily. His fingers wrap around my small hand and I can feel every line in his palm. I smile back at him and we continue walking. We decide to take a walk to Starbucks since it's only 10 minutes away. On the way there, Harry says,
"How come you didn't invite Sarah?"
"I didn't know she would be welcome," I reply and bite my lip. I should've really invited her. "I'll tell her to meet us in Starbucks, right?" He nods and I ring her number. A bored voice answers the other end,
"Er, is that you Sarah?"
"Well who else would it be?" Wow, who got her knickers in a twist? 
"Oh, ok then. I guess you wouldn't want to come to Starbucks with me and Harry?" 
"What? Are you serious?" I smile as I can practically see her face full of shock.
"Yep. Meet us there in 5 minutes. We're here now. What would you like to drink?"
"Oh my God. Oh sorry, fan girling right here. Vanilla milkshake?"
"Got it. Bye."
"Bye." I smiled, pleased at the fact that she was cheered up. I know she likes Harry and we're not really together so why not give her a chance? Can she come?" Harry asks and I nod. He smiles and we walk through the door. He pulls up his hood and we take a seat near the back. 
"I'm just going to order. Want anything?" I ask and hang my coat on the back of my chair.
"No nothing. But thanks anyway." I walk up to the end of the cue and wait until it's my turn. As soon as I get the drinks, Sarah walks in. She looks at me and smiles. 
"Hi, Grace. Do you mind if Liam comes in? He wanted-" 
"Shhhh!" I say. I don't want anyone to know that Harrys here other wise it will be the busiest anyone would be able to see in this Starbucks. We wouldn't be able to drink, let alone move. She looks down as if ashamed. Wait. Did she just say Liam? He invited her or...? 
"Why's Liam here?" She looks awkwardly at me.
"Well... I kind of... Invited him." 
"By ringing his number." I can tell she is hiding something because she's giving me stupid answers. 
"And how did you get that?" She looks at me painfully and opens her mouth to say something. But she stops suddenly and gasps instead. 
"What now? You really can't fool me," I moan but turn anyway. And what I see causes me to stare open-mouthed too. Harry is not alone. He is with a certain someone with curly blonde hair, and is utterly, but sickeningly, perfect from head to toe. And that certain someone is cuddling up to him and he's not stopping her...
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