How I Feel About Love


1. How I Feel About Love

They say that love is blind,

That it strikes when you least expect it;

It’s like you’re on a rollercoaster ride,

Before you know where you are

it takes you up and down, and round and round.


They say that love is one pleasure

and a thousand pains;

It touches and it teases

and yet when I have it in my reach

it slips away like the cold mist

leaving me holding nothing,

Like all else it is fleeting and never stays;

The only man a girl can rely on is her father.


It feels like I’m always waiting for the perfect man

and dreaming of all those silly clichés.

I wish someone would smile just for me,

Who will send me a bouquet of red roses.

I wish to be someone’s sunshine,

As I have likened them to the moon.

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