No definition of love

Adyna and Harry met in a coffee shop.
The start to know each other .
They gonna love each other.
For more information read the book.
Hope you like it.
Sorry if some letters or puctuations are in wrong place is not my fault.


15. The wedding day...

Harry P.O.V.

Today is the big day! Me and Adyna will get married. It was about 7 am  me and the boys were dressing up and trying to contact Paul. Paul was our helper for the wedding and  i was so stressed.

" He's not answering at the phone!" I said .

" Don't worry, mate everything will be perfect!" Louis said.

"Yes, mate !" Niall said.

"Don't worry about it!" Zayn said.

"I miss Adyna!!" I shout .

" Oh god, you really can't live without Adyna!" Louis said.

"Why do you think i am want to marry her! She's my everything!" I said.

"What she is doing now? Did she wake up? I will call her!" I said.

" She is okay, she woke up and you're not gonna call her!" Naill said.

"Okay, but i am worried!" I said.


Adyna's P.O.V.

I woke up early for my big day! Me and the girls start to prepare for the wedding. I was a bit dizzy i was thinking that the doctor makes a mistake.

" Girls, i don't feel so better." I said to them.

" What do you mean? Is your big day!" Danielle said.

"I mean i think the doctor did a mistake." I said,

" You want to say that you may be pregrant?" Perrie said.

" Yes!" I said.

" I will buy a pregrancy test for you." Bianka said.


"I finish with your make up we  got just your hair to do it!" The stylist said.

" It looks fabulous!" I said.

" You look fabulous!" Bianka said.

" Yes, you look fantastic!" Eleonor said.

" Perfect wife!" Perrie said.

" Thankyou girls for compliments and thankyou for helping me with  everything!" I said hugging them.


After 5 hours.........

Everyone arrived. Everyone was smiling. Everything was perfect. 

I was waiting for Louis to come and  to make our   way to the front where Harry were.

" I cannot believe my mate will get married!" Louis said.

" I know!" I said.

We get in the front and Harry take my hand.

"Take care of her, mate she's precious!" Louis said smiling to Harry.

" Thank you, mate !" Harry said.



After 30 mins..

Bianka P.O.V.

We went to a fancy restaurant. Everyone was there, everyone was smiling, talking, taking pictures.

I went to the little stage.

" Hello Everyone! I'm Bianka Adyna's bestfriend! I want to say something that no on knows something special !" 


HEY ! Sorry for updating my story so late but i got a some exams and i haven't got too much time  to write. I hope that you like it ! The story is not gonna end !  What  Bianka wants to say in front of everyone?? If you got ideas how to continue this story you cant write me on Thankyou for reading my story ! xx




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