No definition of love

Adyna and Harry met in a coffee shop.
The start to know each other .
They gonna love each other.
For more information read the book.
Hope you like it.
Sorry if some letters or puctuations are in wrong place is not my fault.


3. The best day ever....

Adyna P.O.V.

  I slept on Harry's chest. When I woke up Harry wasn't in the bed. I went into every room from the house but he wasn't anywhere, but it saw a note on the fridge and it says:   Babe, I forgot to tell you that I got an interview today I'm will  come home  as fast I can. Love you !!! Xx   I  cooked  something  to eat  for Harry when he's come back from the interview. I cooked  bacon and eggs. After I  went to change my clothes.       Harry P.O.V   When i finish the interview i went straight home to see Adyna. I missed her so much, she is my life. When I  entered into the house. I entered into the kitchen, Adyna wasn't there, but it was 2 plates of bacon and eggs. I went to the bedroom she was there. She was changing her clothes.    "Harry! You scared me! I miss you so much, Mr. Styles! " She was laughing  and putting her arms on my shoulders.   "My lovely girlfriend, I miss you too, honey!" Smiling at her and putting my hands on her bum.   "What do you want to do today?"  " I don't know, what you want but  when we  finish to eat I need to go home to change my clothes."    " Okay, my sexy lady!" laughing at her.    Adyna P.O.V.   When we finished eating  we go to my house.    " Your  house is huge " Harry said.   " Yeah my parents got some rich salaries."   "Wait for me here I am going to be in 15 mins back, okay? "   "Okay!" Kissing  my cheek.   I entered into the house and my mum and my dad was on the sofa, they  get back together, I was very happy.   "Hi, mum and dad ! I said to them.   "Hi Dear" they said to me.   I went straight to my room and after a minute I called my mum to come upstairs.   "Yes, Adyna."   " Are you and dad in a good mood today ? "   "Yes, why?"   " I want you and dad to meet someone!" smiling at me.   " Who?"   " My new friend actually my boyfriend."   "Ok, but when?"   " Now he is outside in the car, go and  tell to dad ."   Mum put  drinks and something to eat. My parents were very curious. I went outside and I tell Harry to come outside. His get up from his rover and take my hand and entered into the house.   "Good Afternoon" Harry says to my parents.   "Good Afternoon" my parents says to Harry.   "My name is Harry Styles"   "Nice to meet you Harry, I am Adyna's dad.   "Nice to meet you Harry, I am Adyna's mother.   Me and Harry sits down on the sofa. They start speaking and my dad was very proud, cause usually he  didn't like my ex boyfriends.   " I really like you Harry, not that you are a celebrity just cause I see my daughter very happy, but don't hurt my daughter's heart!"My dad says to Harry. "I never do this sir, I love her with   whole  heart" Harry said to  my dad. "Okay!" " Do  you want to leave Adyna to live with me in my house?"Harry says to my parents. " Sure, if she wants to!" My parents looked at each other and smiling.   Harry takes my hand and says to me :  "Let's pack then !" Smiling at me. I went upstairs with  Harry in my bedroom. He  helps me to pack my things. "You got a driver license ?" Harry asked me and looked at my car keys. "Yes" I  said looking at Harry. "I didn't know that, so that blue Mini Cooper is yours?" " Yes is mine."    We finish  packing my things and I take my  car keys and go downstairs with Harry. Harry takes my luggages. I and Harry  hug my mum and my dad, and after I put my luggages in my car. Harry drove his car and I drove my car.   Harry P.O.V.   I was  glad  that Adyna will live with me. Her parents were very happy that her daughter got a boyfriend like me. I will make a surprise to her. I called Liam, Louis, Zayn and Naill to go to my house and to prepare a party for Adyna. Adyna was a  sexy good driver .We arrive at my house actually our house and the boys and  their girlfriends was already there.. We left the  luggages in the car. We  went in the house and when we  open the door of the house everyone start shouted "surprise!". Adyna laughting.   "Hello! "The boys and their girfriends said to us.   "Hello ,guys!" We said to them.   "So, she is my girlfriend Adyna!"    "Hello, I am  Louis and this is my girlfriend Eleanor!"   "Nice to meet you, Louis and Elenor!"   "Hello, I am  Niall!"   " Nice to meet you Niall!"   "Hello, I am Zayn and this is my girlfriend Perrie!"    "Nice to meet you Zayn and Perrie!"   "Hello, I am Liam and this is my girlfriend Danielle !"    "Nice to meet you Liam and Danielle!"   We start partying. Me and Adyna was cuddling and kissing. Adyna went to the girls to speak with them. I went to the boys and speak with them.    "What do you, guys  thing  about Adyna?" I asked  my mates.   "She is very natural!" Liam says.   "She is your perfect girl, mate!" Louis says.   "She is   a special girl !" Zayn says.   "She is  nice with everyone! Naill says.   Adyna P.O.V  


I am very glad that I met them.

Harry   was a bit drunk , for some minutes I didn’t see him. He came back from our bedroom and says to me :

“Come with me !”

And I said :

“Okay! What’s wrong?” and we went upstairs.

“Nothing,  everything is perfect!” Harry said.

Me and  Harry entered into our bedroom. On the floor and in the bed was just   red rose petals and some candles. 

Niall P.O.V

I was downstairs with everyone but  Harry and Adyna weren’t there. I went upstairs, and i saw their shoes  at the bedroom door. I went  downstairs and I said:

“ Let’s go guys, the  lovebirds  are in love   “ Laughing at them.

Awww…” Everyone said.











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