No definition of love

Adyna and Harry met in a coffee shop.
The start to know each other .
They gonna love each other.
For more information read the book.
Hope you like it.
Sorry if some letters or puctuations are in wrong place is not my fault.


11. Me or her??



"Yes I want to be your wife!"

Harry puts the ring on my finger and I stand up and we kissed.


After 2 days...


I was reading a  newspaper and I saw a big headline saying:

"Harry Styles kissed someone and married someone!" under this headline was a picture of him and that girl who I didn't know her. In the house no one was, but Harry will arrive soon and I decide to leave the house.


Harry P.O.V.

When I finish the photo shoot I went home to see my lovely future wife. I unlocked the door and Adyna was no where.

I called  her but she didn't answer. I send a message to her saying:

'Hey LovexxxCall me please! xxx'

She called me back.

"Can you just leave me alone for my whole life, please!"She said very mad.

"Why! What did I do ? "I said to her very confused.

She ended the call.

I went to her sister's flat and I knocked at the door.

"Hello harry.." Her sister said.

"Have you seen Adyna?"

"Nope, but was happening?"

"I don't know I tried to call her but she didn't answer me and I sent a message to her and after she called me back saying that to leave  her alone, but I didn't do anything to her.

"If she will come here I will send a message."

"Okay, bye."


I didn't know why Adyna said that to me I called everyone but no one knows what happened to her. I went to the kitchen to eat something but I was sad.




Adyna P.O.V.

I  hate him! He is a bullshit! I never want to see him again. He lost his chance, he will never ever get another one.

I went to my brother grave.After i went home and i saw Harry in the kitchen  looking at the ring that he gave to me and crying. I went to the kitchen to take a glass of water.

"Adyna, what i did to you?" Harry said crying.

"You, don't know what you did? You want to marry me and you kiss another girl ?! And you ask me what you did?! i shout at him and i gave to him the newspaper.

"She was my ex !" 

"I love you, i can't believe  how much i love you!" He said to me.

"Show me, then!"





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