No definition of love

Adyna and Harry met in a coffee shop.
The start to know each other .
They gonna love each other.
For more information read the book.
Hope you like it.
Sorry if some letters or puctuations are in wrong place is not my fault.


18. LIAR

Harry P.O.V.

" You're a liar! Nothing happens! Bitch!" I shout at Taylor.

" Go away! Get out from here! Stop ruining my life! Don't ruin my wedding!" I shout as hard as I can.

" Get out from here!" Liam said to Taylor.

" No!" Taylor shouted.

I was getting so red. Nothing was true. Adyna was so dizzy from  Taylor's punch and she went again to the toilet with the girls so she didnt hear what Taylor said or that I shout at Taylor. Naill went to the security to can get Taylor out from the building.

Finally, Taylor was forced getting out from building and the party continued.



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