No definition of love

Adyna and Harry met in a coffee shop.
The start to know each other .
They gonna love each other.
For more information read the book.
Hope you like it.
Sorry if some letters or puctuations are in wrong place is not my fault.


7. Holiday.....


After a week

Harry P.O.V.

" Everyone is ready ?"

"Yes! " Everyone said.

Paul went with us  to the airport. He left us at the airport. We  finish the check-in and  we went to the plane. I was sitting next to
Adyna and Louis. Adyna's  hand fits in mine. In the plane was a lot of  one direction  fans. We give them  autographs and everyone said that I and Adyna are a nice couple. Romanian people are very nice and this is why I got a Romanian girlfriend!

After 2 hours

We arrive in Romania. It was a sunny day and very hot there. We took the van that we rented and went to the hotel.
Adyna was driving cause she drove twice in Romania and she can understand very well where to go.I was sitting in the front with Adyna and Louis, Liam, Naill and Bianka sat in the back and Zayn and Perrie sat in the back of Louis and the rest  of them.

" Finally we arrive at the hotel!"
Adyna said.

We entered in the hotel and we went to the reception.
Adyna was speaking with the receptionist to give our keys  for the rooms. We take the keys and get into the rooms, we change our clothes and we went to  shopping a bit.

" Everyone is ready?"
Adyna said.

" Yes!" Everyone said.

It was a bit funny cause it wasn't like in London when we go to shopping everyone came at us. I  was very happy, everything was perfect and
Adyna was  happy .

"I like your country, babe!" I said to
Adyna smiling at her.

In the middle of the  mall me and
Adyna kissed passionately

Adyna P.O.V.

After 2 days

We left the hotel and we went to my born city. I was driving as usual. I was a bit tired and I told Harry to drive.

" I'm hungry!"
Naill said.

" Okay let's go to a market, then ! " I said.

We entered into the market and we buy something to eat and come back to  the
the van and  continue driving.

After  3 hours

We arrive at my house. We went in the house to show to them where to sleep. It was 12pm. Everyone was tired  but not me and Louis. Me and Louis decides to go on the terrace with a cup of tea. I started to make a tea and Louis was next to my back  very close, when I turn  around he kissed me and  I slapped him.

" What are you doing?!" I  whispered cause Harry was next door.

Louis  thinks that  Harry was asleep but Harry heard everything except  what I said. And he came to the kitchen and says.

" What are you doing in here!!!!"

" Why do you kiss him ?!"

"I didn't he kissed me!"

" So this is why you dump
Eleonor?!"Harry said to Louis.

No!"Louis said.

"Can you stop shouting please!" I said to Harry.

" Leave me alone! Don't speak with me again, I hate you !" Harry said to me.

Harry left the kitchen and went to the toilet. I left the house and I take my family rover  and went  to  my  auntie house. I told her all the story. She was  very close to me   and after when my brother died in army war, she makes me stronger.

I got a message from
Perrie saying:

"Where are you we are very worried about you! " Speak with me I am your best friends

I send her a message saying :

" I am okay, can you take a taxi a come to this address

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