No definition of love

Adyna and Harry met in a coffee shop.
The start to know each other .
They gonna love each other.
For more information read the book.
Hope you like it.
Sorry if some letters or puctuations are in wrong place is not my fault.


6. Holiday Plan...

Adyna P.O.V
I went to the  bathroom  and  Harry comes to me and says:
“What's wrong  love?”
“ Tell me!!”  Cuddling me.
“ I am sad that you will go on tour and  I will not see you 3 months!”
“ No, you  will come with me, I'm not going to live my girlfriend for 3 months!” He said to  me smiling.
“ I love you, so much !” Kissing him passionately.

The  bell ring
We went together to the door to open.
“Hello, guys! “ I  and Harry said.
“Hello, love birds! They said to us.
We sat down on the sofa. And we start talking.
“ So what happened?” Louis  said.
“Nothing , we want to invite you to travel with us in  Romania!” Harry said.
“Sure!” Liam said.
“ Have  Romania
Nandos ?”  Niall asked.
Nop” I said to Naill  laughing.
“Whatever I will come! Smiling at us.
Yep, can I take
Perrie ?Zayn said.
Sureee!” Harry said looking at me  and shaking my head.
“Sure I will!” Smiling at us.
"Okay, so let’s plan ! "I said.

I take a some paper to write the plan.

When do we go ? Liam asked.
How about  next week ? I said.
Yes! Everyone said.
“So  we will arrive in the capital, there  we  can go to shopping and to  visit  things. My  born city is 3 hours near to the capital there we can go to pubs, beach. And about 6 hours  the Dracula city is near me.”
“What do you want to visit
first?”I asked them.
“Stay for 2 days in the capital,  go to 
Adyna’s  born city  for 4 days, and after 2-3 days  in Dracula city ?”Louis  said.
“Everyone agrees?” Harry asked.
“Yes!’ Everyone said.
“We need to take  tickets for the flight.” I said.
“So how many  we are?” I asked.
“ So: me,
Adyna, Louis,  Naill, Zayn , Harry and  Perrie, we are 7 . Liam said.
We buy the tickets  on the internet .
“Where we are going to sleep? “
Naill asked.
“ We can stay at my house in my born city and is very close to beach and pubs .” I said
“ We need to find  hotels for  the rest of  traveling days.” Harry said.
“ How about this for Dracula  city ?” 
Zayn said.
“ Yes.” Everyone said.
“ And how about this for when  we arrive in the  capital?” Harry said.

“Cool!” Everyone said.

“So this is the plan” Harry said.

“We got an interview today !” Zayn said.
Naill said.
“Babe do you want  to come with us ?” Harry asked me.
“ Sure if you want to !” Smiling at him.
“I go to change then!” And Harry comes with me and the boys stay on the TV.



Harry P.O.V.

“What do you think about this ?” Adyna asked me.
“ You look sexy, cute and beautiful in everything!” I said to her.
“Thank you!”
Paul came to pick up to go to the  interview. I was sitting next to my girlfriend and next to Louis. I was laying my head on
Adyna’s shoulder. She was sending a message to someone Bianka.
Bianka ?” I asked her  to take her  hand.
“It’s my best friend!” She said.
“Oh okay. Do you  want to invite her to come with us ? Maybe 
Naill going to likes her! I said laughing.
“ Ha-ha, okay I will tell her if she wants to come with us.”
“She said yes!”
Adyna said.

I was very glad that me and Adyna got a nice relationship.

Hazz , tomorrow I will go to university  and I will not be at home .” Adyna said.
“Okay !” Kissing her forehead.

We arrive at  the interview and Adyna was waiting me with Paul. When we finished the interview we went to Nandos.


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