No definition of love

Adyna and Harry met in a coffee shop.
The start to know each other .
They gonna love each other.
For more information read the book.
Hope you like it.
Sorry if some letters or puctuations are in wrong place is not my fault.


1. Met at the coffee shop...




Adyna P.O.V





I entered in a coffee shop to  buy a coffee. In the front of me was a  tall boy with green  eyes and curly hair. He was so sexy!! My phone  started to ring and in that moment he turns around  and smiled at me and  I smile  back. I answered on the phone and when I ended the call he tell me to go in front of him.  I go to his front and I said to him " Thank you" and he smiled at me.


Harry P.O.V


I entered in a coffee shop to buy something to drink. I was standing in the row. Someone phone started to ring. It  was  the girl back to me. She was so sexy, her brown hair and  her green eyes, oh god she was sexy!! I wanted to speak with her to be her friend  and maybe to be her boyfriend. I let  her stand in front of me. I was looking at her bum it was so sexy. She was the perfect girl that I ever met!




Adyna  P.O.V


I ordered and I take my coffee and  was going to a table to can drink my  coffee. I was  on my phone and I saw someone who came at my table!! It was the  curly hair boy!! I looked at him and  he looked me.


"Hi! I am Harry Styles!"


"Hi! I am Adyna!"


"Nice to meet you, Adyna!"


"Nice to meet you, Harry!"


"So, Adyna where are you from ?" Flipping his hair...


"I born in Romania , but my grandfather is Canadian, and I moved in London ages ago."


"You are one of  that band One Direction?"


"Yes, I am !" He smiled


"Wow! I am not a fan, sorry!"


" Don't  worry I just  wanted to speak with you cause I feel  that you're special !" He smiled at me and touch my finger"


"Ok." I smiled at him"


"How old are you? " He asked me"


"I am 18, you ? " I was looking at his  green  eyes


"Same!" He looked at my face


"Do you want to walk with me ?" He asked me


"Sure, Let's go, then !"  I answered very happily.




Harry P.O.V.


She was very cute and very smart. I just wanted to stay more and more time with her. We went  to a park and sit down on a bench.


"So tell me about yourself" I said


" What do you want to know about me? " She was looked at me smiling.


" What is you favorite band and favorite colour ? I said to her.


"Okay, so my favorite band  is Coldplay and my  favorite colour is orange  ." She  was  smiling .


" I love Coldplay and  my  favorite colour is  orange same !" I was  very happy and  i just  wanted to kiss her, but i don't  know that  she likes me or not?!


"Wow"She said laughting about it.


"And  what do you study ?" I asked her very polite.


" Sociology, Business and Law."


"Cool, When  i wasn't in One Direction i wanted to do the  same thing like you."


"Tell me  about you parents." i said to her.


" My parents are okay but  sometimes  are fights and are make me  feel  sad. 


 "Why  they  sometimes are fighting,  have you got  sisters or  brothers?"  i ask her putting my arm on her  shoulder. 


" I don't  know my  dad is very moddy  and  annoyed everyone, and  yes  i got  a big  sister and she knows my  dad  very  well cause  when she was little she stayed  with my dad and everytime when my sister did  something wrong or not he just hurt her."


"Don't  worry sweethart sorry that i ask you about your parents" i was looked at her  and   i just  wanted to make  her  happy.


"No problem, Harry.






Adyna  P.O.V


I feel very nice when Harry is near me, he makes me happy and i wanted to tell  him that i like  him, but i didn't know if he dosen't like me.


My phone start  vibrating. It  was a message from my sister.


The message  from my sister:


"Mum and dad start fighting again. Don't go home come to my  flat cause you gonna  be safe ."


I started to cry and Harry  asked me :


" What's wrong sweethart? "


"Nothing." putting my head on his shoulder.


"Please tell me, Adyna !" Touching my hands.


"My dad and my mum start fighting again!" Looking at his face.


"I am so sorry  for you . He  was looking at my face and came very close to my face.


We kissed.



Hope you that you liked this chapter.


I will put  another  chapter tomorrow. 


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