Today and forever

Wallflower el and outgoing max have known each other for as long as they can remember, but when some unexpected news arrive, they realise they have a much stronger relationship than either if then could ever imagine...


3. Settling in

I moved in that evening. Jo was pleased to see me. She's like a second mother to me. I unpacked into their spare room.
At eight o'clock jo we t to her room to read score she went to bed, for she was really tierd after a sleepless itchy the day before. Max suggested we went into the lounge. He turned on the telly and slouched on the sofa and gave a great sigh.
I herd a fanit cry in the distance, max didn't budge. I got up and tracked the noise to the last room
downstairs, Alice's playroom. She was sat in a small cot in the corner, jo was so stressed she must have forgotten about her. Bless. I then made a vow to look after her. I lifted her from the cot. She had jo's hair, black, but only a few wisps on the top of her head, and she had her fathers eyes, which max had also inherited, sparkling green. Wow, she was already looking so beautiful... :)
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