Today and forever

Wallflower el and outgoing max have known each other for as long as they can remember, but when some unexpected news arrive, they realise they have a much stronger relationship than either if then could ever imagine...


10. Reunion

After a while a short dark skinned nurse walked into the waiting room, "umm, max faiber  wishes to see el? Does that mean anything to any key here?" I shot out of my seat and  nodded. An she smiled and led me to a private room, before she met me in, she said; "we have run some tests and scans, the results have not got to is yet" with that she left.the lights were dimmed and the whole room was painted white, with a small window in the top left  corner his head was tilted in the opposite direction. I stood there for a while.
"max. You wanted me...?"
I practically whispered 
"el! sorry, would you mind coming this side? The tubes hardly let me move An inch"
I smiled and sat on the bed on the other side.
I almost choked when I saw him, his face was whiter than his sheets and the hair on his arms and chest stood on end, he was right about the tubes, he was held down, trapped.
I placed my hand on his, it was clammy with sweat. To me his symptoms and conditions made no sense... But then biology wasn't my strong point...
"el" he smiled
"max, why did you want to see me. What about your mum? She won't know where you or I am"
" caus I wanted to talk to you, talk to someone with a familiar face, I'm so scared el. Being rushed to hospital and having test and scans and being  shut up in this An animal in a zoo. I feel helpless el. And I was Hopi g seeing your face would help , I was only half right. I've  missed you and it's only been a day." 
He laughed at himself. I frowned. This was weird.
"um, max, we are just, I  mean are we friends or..."
"or what el?"
"or more...." I felt awkwArd why can't I keep my month shut.
He looked out the tiny window, squinting with his eye brows joining in deep thought.
"we are whatever you want us to be." 
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