Today and forever

Wallflower el and outgoing max have known each other for as long as they can remember, but when some unexpected news arrive, they realise they have a much stronger relationship than either if then could ever imagine...


4. Getting better

I slept well, I had to coax Alice back to sleep but it only took about 3 muinits, after that I told max I would be going to bed, after all the stress and things I was tierd. Max nodded and gave me a lopsided smile, he said he would stay up a little longer.
I felt better about things, life in general, nan was recovering slowly according to the nurse from her ward, who called daily. Plus I could spend more time with max. He would joke around and make me forget about the bad things.
One day, I took Alice out into the sunshine, out in their back garden, which was an overgrown field, with long grass and wild flowers. I sat at a shady patch and placed slice in my lap. The summer sun was Georgous and I had not a doubt in my mind.
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