Today and forever

Wallflower el and outgoing max have known each other for as long as they can remember, but when some unexpected news arrive, they realise they have a much stronger relationship than either if then could ever imagine...


7. Concerns

This routine seemed to repeat itself every night, it became a routine, I mentioned it to max, he said it must be a feever, but when it got worse, I told jo. Even though she was do busy I wanted to make sure max was safe. I needed to make sure he was ok.
I told jo, she took it well, concerned but not immensely worried. She took him to the gp to assess his symptoms and to get some medication. I stayed home with Alice, she slept the whole time. She later there in my arms for at least two hours, this was when I started to get worried. I texted jo, she didn't reply. I tried max, but when I herd "sweet home Alabama" coming from upstairs I realised that max had left his phone at home. Why god that boy never listen to me!!? Jeeez now i sound like his mother. I was trying to figure out what to do when jo ram into the house, slamming the door behind her.
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