The Deserted House

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3 people, all from the same street, wonder about the 'Deserted House'. They all hold different opinions of it: some don't mind, some are scared to death of it. They're not sure why it's there - curtains drawn, lights always off - but what they all have that is similar, is the courage to look further. Maybe they can't resist going beyond the guarded fence and into the house itself. But will they leave it safe and sound, or will they get a bit lost along the way?


5. Torn

Elise's P.O.V

I don't know how it happened, really. I was walking along the corridor, waiting for Clyde and Oscar to come up too. All the different doors seemed to interest me. Black, red, white, silver ,each with a different meaning. The floorboards seemed to creak beneath me, but I didn't care. Why didn't I? Why didn't I even think about the scary creatures that could jump out at me, or the ghosts that might be haunting the corridors? Why am I so brave? Too brave. I wish I'd held back. But it's too late now.

Now, I shuffle around in the darkness, trying to work out where I am. The moon is shining through the crack in the curtain, which is torn and stained with blood. The open window creaks in the wind, and shadows seem to flicker across the walls, voices echoing from ear to ear. It was only minutes ago when someone, or something, had pulled me into here, cupping my mouth to stop me from screaming. I can't seem to see anyone here now but the imagery of a ghost flashes through my mind, and I can't bear to think about what could happen next.

I turn around to face the door where I've just come from. I notice the ray of light from the lock in the door, and as I hear the whispering of voices - Clyde's and Oscar's - I edge my way nearer, tiptoing across the squeaky floorboards.



A figure flickers by in front of my eyes.



On the 5th, I loose my footing, my foot pressing hard on the floor beneath me, a loud squeaking sound filling the room. I freeze. The air seems misty and I can feel it swirling around and around me, as if it's about to just swallow me up. The bitter taste of fear wraps around my tongue, and I can feel a slight breeze against the back of my head, a chill running up my spine. As I listen more closely, I can hear a steady beat from behind me, boom, boom, boom: footsteps. I bite my lip. Voices begin to play a trick on my mind. He's behind you. A doll-like voice sounds in my ear. He's coming after you. I take a step forward. He's even closer now. I take a breath. The howling wind sounds through the window behind me, and as I close my eyes, a hand creeps upon my shoulder...

Everything is silent, except the eerie presence, and then suddenly, something jabs into me. I scream, the horrific sound bouncing off the walls and dissapearing without a trace. Clasping my side, my legs seem to collapse beneath me. I blink. Bloud pours from my body, the scent wafting up to my nose. I flinch. My eyes seem to want to close on me, my whole body desperate to rest. The silent yet loud cackle that echoes through me, fills my body with pain and anger, the emotions bubbling inside me. I want to let it go, be free. But I let out one more yelp, before resting my head against the cold, hard wood beneath me, and letting my eyelids fall to a shut.

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