AS Long AS You Love Me<3..........

justin bieber falls in love with someone and he needs a way to tell her. He's trying his hardest way but he just cant find the perfect way to tell her that he loves her UNTIL NOW!!!!!!


5. The Idea

I want to show her how i feel. I know for a fact that I love her deeply she makes me nervous more than the time we first met.

I have an idea im going to write her a song exactly how i feel about her. Its gonna be called As Long As You Love Me. as soon as he made the title he started writing. At my concert in two days im gonna sing it to her.

Amber and Justin talked on the phone for an hour last night Amber said "what are you doing?" Justin said "Err... Nothing." She said "Whats Wrong?" Justin said "Nothing can I call you back?" Amber said "Okay."

(Ambers Thoughts)

He's acting strange!


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