AS Long AS You Love Me<3..........

justin bieber falls in love with someone and he needs a way to tell her. He's trying his hardest way but he just cant find the perfect way to tell her that he loves her UNTIL NOW!!!!!!


3. The Date

(Justins Thoughts)

I am so nervous I just cant wait to see her.

(Ambers Thoughts)

I AM so nervous to see him I really wanna know were  we are going. Wanna see him Badly.

Its 6:00 im dressed casually and im now walking out of the door to pick her before I start the car i text her and i say "omw : )" she texts back and its says " okay im ready : D" i start the car and pull out the drive way now its OFFICIALLY A DATE.

Im ouside her house i get out the car and knock on the door. She answers and I look at her she looks so beautiful i cant help but smile. She blushes and she says "Hi Justin. ready to go?" I say "okay" She says "Mom im leaving" and walks out after her mom says ok. I open the door for her and she gets in the car. I get in also, we sit in silence for a while but I break the ice and I say " So Amber whens your birthday?" she says "April 17, 1994." I say "really mine is March 1, 1994." She says "Where are we going?" I said "Well we are going to a Cafe to get to know each other. Oh here it is." Amber smiles. I stop the car get out and open Amber's door. We go in the Cafe amd get a table and order I order a cup of tea 3 creams and 3 sugars and a blueberry muffin. Amber orders the same thing but a choclate chip muffin. I said "Amber do you have any siblings?' She Says "yeah one my brother Tommy. Do you?"I say two siblings."Then our order arrives we continue to talk asking questions joking having fun. Then its 7:30 and we get going. We get back in  the car before I start it we stare deeply in each other eyes and we blush scarlet.I Start the car turn on the radio. Amber begins to shiver I turn the heat on. "thank you." Amber says. I say "No prroblem." We pull outside her house and i walk her to her door. I say "close your eyes i have a surprise for you" she says "Okay and closes her eyes I give her a single Red Rose. she opens them and says "thank you! I love Roses." She takes me by surprise and gives me a sweet kiss on the lips. I then say "See You later." She blushes and turn and go inside.

(Justins Thoughts)


(Ambers Thoughts)

He is so wonderful i hope i can see him again i like him.

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