AS Long AS You Love Me<3..........

justin bieber falls in love with someone and he needs a way to tell her. He's trying his hardest way but he just cant find the perfect way to tell her that he loves her UNTIL NOW!!!!!!


2. First Phone Call

The last time i saw her was Wednesday it was now Friday and on Saturday i had my day off.Tthose two days i couldnt think straight. That night i called her and she answered "hello?" i said "Hey its Justin this is Amber right?" She said "oh hey I didint want to call you because I figured you'd be busy." then I said "Yeah i understand. So Amber would you like to go out with me tomorrow night? Hoping she says yes. she said "Yes I am free tomorrow night" I said "So were can i pick you up or would you like to meet me" she said "I Live on Apple Road 321 left side of the street." I said"Okay I'll see you around 6:30.she said"Okay see you then Justin." (CALL ENDED)


 I said "MOM!!!!!! I Have a date tomorrow night". My Mom said "Sweetheart who is this young man." I said "his name is Justin. Justin Bieber. I was so excited when i met him at his concert he just grabbed my hand and brought me on stage i almost DIED!!!!" Mom Said "OK sweetie but be home by 8:30" I replied "Okay Mom. I Have to pick out what i am going to wear. I wonder were we are going?"


I said "Mom were should i take Amber?" Mom said "Ummm how about to a Cafe so you can get to know each other." I said "Okay mom I have to pick out what i am going to wear now love you." Mom said "Love you too."


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