AS Long AS You Love Me<3..........

justin bieber falls in love with someone and he needs a way to tell her. He's trying his hardest way but he just cant find the perfect way to tell her that he loves her UNTIL NOW!!!!!!


7. As Long AS You Love ME!!!!!!

"Amber you have to stand back stage while I perform." Amber Says "ok but why?" I say "its a surprise."

im about to go on and i start off by saying "This is a new  song it goes to a special girl in my life Amber!" Amber Smiles at me. I bring her on stage and I say "its called As Long As You love Me. Its to tell her I love her." She has tears in her eyes as I am facing her and sing to her the song ends and next thing you know shes kissing me tenderly and saying "I love You Too!!!!!!" I say "I love You More"



----------------------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------------------------

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