AS Long AS You Love Me<3..........

justin bieber falls in love with someone and he needs a way to tell her. He's trying his hardest way but he just cant find the perfect way to tell her that he loves her UNTIL NOW!!!!!!


1. Meeting

   Amber and I first met at my concert. When i was singing Beauty and A Beat it was like the spotlight beamed on her and i totally lost focus of the song. I was mesmerizied by her beauty then i just took her hand and brought her on stage with me and i began singing my heart out to her. After that finally song i took her off stage with me and i just was stunned and i couldnt really talk so i wrote her my number and a note that said "I think your beautiful and i would like to take you on a date" she read it and the she replied "yes i would love too and my name is Amber" and then i said "What a Beautiful name for a beautiful face." she gave me number also. She left after that the concert had ended. My body turned into jello instantly. WHY Was I Feeling This Way About Her.

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