Lessons for a Lover

Ashley is a very strong independent women but she has one problem her choice in men. Trying to over some obstacles and a haunting past Ashely runs into someone who will keep showing up and gives her a good time when she thinks she will fall. Will it be too late when Ashely opens her eye and see her true lover in front of her or will she stay in the shadows letting him have is happiness and not tell him her little secret. (my story isn't for some viewers Bad Laungue Dirty sence )


1. The Bar


      "Wow you are so full of shit" I hissed across the table at my now ex, Jonah. "Well, maybe if you let me hit sometimes I wont have to go look for ass else where you bitch" he yelled really loud and the people around us looked.  Ugh, I hate him I truly do I stood up making my chair squeak across the ground. I grabbed my clutch and my wine glass and threw my wine in his face "you're such an ass we are over" I spit out at him. I walked out the fancy building away from him and all his bullshit. 


   I walked down the street in my black dress and heels probably looking like a hooker. Im not crying which surprise me I just feel an anger deep in the pit of my stomach. Walking by a bar I stop, I really need a drink. I make a bee line for the door weaving through drunk men and some tipsy chicks. I rush into the bar full of people its dark and loud with chitchat. I see an open spot on the bar and take the seat. The cute bar tender looks at me and gives me a charming smile. "what can I get for you" he winks I blush gosh he was cute "Uh a dirty martini please" I say trying not to look in his eyes. "Okay just give me a second" he says turning away.

   I look around to my left watching people laugh and having fun and some making out and a little too much PDA. "You know that bartender is really chopping tonight" I hear a soft voice say next to me. I look and see a girl dressed in a red dress and wild brown curly hair and a pretty smile. I smile back "Yeah he must love his job" I say watching him get a number from a blonde chick across the bar. "Yeah men suck sometimes" sighing I look at her as she stares in the distance not looking pleased.

   "What's the story?" I asked wondering what asshole got her in the dumps I mean she is really pretty. "Well, my boyfriend its just that he travels a lot and I don't see him much and it sucks he been gone for a while now and he doesn't know when he will be back plus their another factor too I meet another guy but i don't like him just as a friend and he was just their to keep me company at first but then he started pressuring me and doing "things" now I cant get rid of him and I am scared" she poured out to me in a hushed voice.

      "Well, hun if you love the man stay with him and for the other guys he an ass and you need to tell your man whats up" I told her smiling while taking a sip of my drink. She smiled back " Yeah your right but what about you?" oh time to tell her..."Well my boyfriend for 3 months he been cheating on me just found out tonight at dinner  yeah" I rushed out looking down into my drink "Well fuck him then I say tonight lets get shit face drunk" she laughs and I laugh as well "Lets" I say taking a shot. 

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